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Hello from Poland! :) + check my Coldplay cover on page 2!


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I'm Magdalena (but you can call me Magz :) ) and i'm from Poland.

I'm a Coldplay fan of course or better to say Guy Berryman the most <3


I listened to Coldplay since i was a kid, they music inspires me threw the years till now when i'm not such a kid anymore :P


I went on this year concert in Warsaw because of Mylo Xyloto Tour ( it was my first Coldplay concert ) and it was an incredible feeling to see them live, like it wasnt real.

I still look at all the pictures & videos i've made and i feel like it was yesterday:)


I'm so happy to join to all the Coldplay fans here & i would like to say hello to you all, as its a big pleasure to me ! :)




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Hey Magz

I, too, have had the life changing experience of seeing Coldplay live


Welcome to coldplaying

The lounge is great ;)






Thank You Molly :) x

it's nice to meet you !

its a great feeling and i still cant believe i saw them live lol

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Hi Magz!

I have been at this concert too! :D It was WONDERFUL!


where have you been exacly? which place? sitting one or a golden circle?:) couse we might saw each other and we didnt know it :) x

Nice to meet you ! :)

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my first name is long too....but everyone calls me Judy....it's nice to meet you!!!


Mine is Magdalena :) and i think shorter name is easy to read for everyone :)

and not too much complicated too

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Heyyyyy! I've just made a bass cover with my boyfriend!

It's one of the best Coldplay songs called "Shiver"


We would be happy if you check this out and leave your comments with opinions or Subscribe us!:)



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I love your cover...it's fantastic. I would love to learn bass. Is it hard to play?You know i love guy too;)But i prefer the guitar...ah, si welcome!


Thank you so much!:) I'm glad you like it!

Well...im not that young, i'm 20, i didnt had a touch with a music instruments my whole life and then, since almost a year my boyfriend teached me ( he is playing on bass since he was a kid) and it works! I think its easier to play than on acoustic guitar or something else. You should try it :)!

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Hey and welcome to Coldplaying! Nice cover. :nice: Hope you have tons of fun here on this lovely fansite!! :D


Hello! Thank you & nice to meet you:)

i hope i will meet a lot of friends here and for sure will make more covers like this :)

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