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Ciao CPers

Majda Xyloto_95

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Hi, my name is Majda, i live in france but i'm Italian and my parents are from morocco. Such a caos!!I really really LOVE Coldplay, they help me in a horrible moment, i discovered them and now i know that in the world there still someone very good. Coldplay are my life, my family say always that i'm crazy. I can't live without their music. I discovered them thanks Paradise and Charlie Brown on mtv, and then my best friend Letizia gives me the album A RUSH because her dad loves coldplay. After the first listening i was in love....that was on march 2012 and i remember that was the birthday of Chris! Now i'm here on coldplaying because i realized that there are a lot of coldplayers in the world. That's amazing!!!


Sorry for my english...:))


Well see you soon :lol:

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