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random thread bump observation that everyone here can relate to...


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how many times has this happened to you...


you go onto the world of music section and what do you see...


right there on top of the page it is the thread dedicated to one of your favorite bands!


what can it be???


this thread has not made it to the front page in years... it's been stuck in the dead zone that is page two or even worse... page three or four!


but here it is now on the first page - the top no less!


it has to be HUGE news for a bump like this!


a tour! a dvd! that new album you've been waiting for!


so you click on it with eager anticipation scroll down through posts from three years ago and what do you see...


random coldplayer: "I love this band!"


the dissapointment! the frustration!


you wave your fist at your screen and curse random coldplayer...


"how dare you get me all excited for nothing!?"


and then you weep...


Don't be a Bump Tease!

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