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Mylo Xyloto for Grammy 2013?


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FUN. really deserves AOTY. I have family ties with the pianist, Andrew. I met him before a concert, and he was super down to earth and is just amazed and so grateful that they've got their huge break with Some Nights.


I'd be pissed if Mumford and Sons won, because Babel sounds exactly the same as their first album.


I expect the Black Keys to win. At least here in the states, I here them all over the place: commercials, radio, TV, everywhere. And El Camino is a great album.


The 2nd Law is garbage. There's even mediocre dub step in one of the songs. It's just



As for Coldplay, I'm surprised Charlie Brown got nominated, but I don't think they'll win anything. By the way, are they planning on performing again at the Grammys?

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