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12 Coldplay Months of 2012: January (In which the band consists of Chris and some musicians)


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January: In which the band consists of Chris and some musicians


January was a slow news month, so this will be a rather short review but nevertheless completely worth a read :P .



Paradise is UK's Number 1



2012 kicked off with some great news for the band. Paradise hit number 1 in the UK! That makes it Coldplay's second Number One single, following Viva La Vida in June 2008.




Phil seemed very surprised about this newly claimed charts spot. He even tweeted about it twice:


Not sure how the hell paradise is flying so high after 4 months but THANK U to all the uk fans who've made it happen http://t.co/kFjmMSvx PH


Paradise no.1 ?! Absolutely unbelievable! PH






NRJ Music awards



On the January 28th Coldplay performed at the NRJ music awards.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpNC2-aWp6o]Coldplay - Paradise [NRJ Music Awards 2012] - YouTube[/ame]


Lots tuned in to watch the show and enjoy the performance of Paradise. However, the fact that the band was introduced by “Chris Martin and his musicians”, didn’t go down well with the Coldplaying.com audience (Really, NRJ awards?!? C’mon!!). Despite the rather fail worthy introduction, the band delivered a great performance. General consensus: the performance was great, the NRJ awards not so.


Chris also sent us a very sweet tweet:

Here's Jonny in Cannes. Isn't he lovely. CM http://t.co/ggofaAmL

Of course he is, Chris!







Coldplay nominated for two BRITs


Coldplay also got nominated for 2 Brit Awards: British album and British group of 2012

We could all vote for the British Group award, and if we are allowed to vote, we vote like crazy.

Special voting centers were built for fans to continuously vote around the clock so the band would win. Well, probably not, but still...we voted our asses off. :P


The ceremony took place on 21 February 2012 at The O2 in London and Coldplay also performed.

If you want to read more about that, completely forgot if they actually won any awards or lived under a rock for the past year, please check out tomorrow’s February review.





Viva documentary airs





A 30 minute documentary about the song Viva La Vida aired on Swedish TV in January.

It featured interviews with Chris, Jonny, Phil, an astronaut and FC Barcelona's coach!

If you missed it, it is still available to download from our terrific multimedia section





Coldplay win Euro Festival Awards



More awards news followed when it was announced that Coldplay won 2 Euro Festival Awards: Best Headliner and Festival Anthem of the Year for Viva La Vida. Not sure what the award looks like, but let’s assume it’s pretty.


Edit: Thanks to Tash we know what it looks like! 177_zps3ed9f505.jpg




Grammys performance with Rihanna announced



Anchorman announced that Coldplay would be joined by Rihanna at this year's Grammy Awards, where they would perform Princess Of China (from Mylo Xyloto) together live for the very first time. The ceremony took place in Los Angeles on Sunday, 12 February, with Coldplay up for three awards. For more news about that, I refer once again to February’s review.



Band tweets


9/1 Great new stuff from Eugene Francis Jnr. Have a look, video: http://t.co/IKz4Rlnd album: http://t.co/xcD7nEuM Will x

12/1 The best live band in the world are back!!! http://t.co/gryl4Zeg Will

20/1 Shynola have made this great short film for Paradise. http://t.co/gDlOh2mC PH

21/1 GREAT new band... keep your eye on these guys. http://t.co/mF82FKzK PH



And thats a wrap for January. I hope you enjoyed reading and do check out tomorrow’s review!

And if you liked this one, I’ll also be writing the review for April. See you there!


Disclaimer: I apologize for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. It has probably been a decade since I wrote anything this long in English so my English writing skills have grown a very long beard in the meantime. :lol: :santa2:

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More awards news followed when it was announced that Coldplay won 2 Euro Festival Awards: Best Headliner and Festival Anthem of the Year for Viva La Vida. Not sure what the award looks like, but let’s assume it’s pretty.


Something like this:




: )

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