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12 Coldplay Months of 2012: July (in which things take a comic turn and the band almost miss a gig)


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Mylo Xyloto tour continues:




For many North Americans, the month of July means vacation from work. But not for Coldplay! July 2012 found the band hard at it, traveling the northeastern United States and parts of Canada with their Mylo Xyloto tour. Altogether Coldplay played 12 dates and 7 venues in July. Click on the links below for full set lists, reviews, and photos:


2 July Atlanta, GA, Philips Arena


3 July Charlotte, NC, Time Warner Cable Arena



5 July Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center


Will in Philadelphia

6 July Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center

8 July Washington, DC, Verizon Center


9 July Washington, DC, Verizon Center

23 July Toronto, ON, Air Canada Center

24 July Toronto, ON, Air Canada Center

26 July Montreal, QC, Bell Centre

27 July Montreal, QC, Bell Centre


29 July Boston, MA, TD Garden

30 July Boston, MA, TD Garden


Reviews of the shows were overall positive, with one exception in Toronto that called the show "ultimately forgettable." However, the reviewer got the date of release of "The Scientist" wrong (2004? Really?) so his opinions did not count for much!


To the disappointment of some Coldplayers the set list remained basically identical from show to show with a few gems making a surprise appearance.


Here’s Georgia on my Mind as a prelude to “Fix You” sung in both Atlanta and Charlotte:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTuQzO9wDOQ]Coldplay - Georgia on my Mind + Fix You - YouTube[/ame]


And those of us at the second Toronto show were treated to “Trouble” (also played in Philadelphia):

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn7juP6p8Yk]Coldplay - Trouble @ ACC, Toronto, July 24, 2012 - YouTube[/ame]


In Boston the band dusted off “Green Eyes”:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TORaaEILna4]Coldplay - Green Eyes live @ Boston TD Garden 7/30 - YouTube[/ame]


And “Speed of Sound” became a fixture on the C stage.


Supporting acts Emelie Sande and Marina & the Diamonds took over from Wolf Gang and Robyn.


Extracurricular Activities:

Chris popped up in his off time between shows, being spotted in Toronto at a yoga studio (reportedly taking a hot yoga class):




Chris also continued his habit of quietly making unannounced visits to children’s hospitals, such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’d never know about these visits if the patients or their families didn’t share via Twitter:




Will celebrated his 34th birthday during a day off, on July 31. The band would publicly celebrate with fans in Detroit on August 1.




Also during the July tour New York band Hudson Hank released their Guy Berryman-produced album; fans could download two songs free from the band’s website.


MX Comic Announcement


For weeks Coldplay hinted that there was a “big announcement coming” which led Coldplayers to discuss a wide range of possibilities, from a split to an EP. The big announcement turned out to be the story behind Mylo Xyloto!


While there had been much discussion about who – or what – Mylo Xyloto could be, Coldplayers got a glimmer of truth in early July with the announcement of a 6-part Mylo Xyloto comic to be officially released in February 2013.


The first issue of Mylo Xyloto (published by Matt Groening's celebrated Bongo Comics) debuted, with an exclusive variant cover, at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International (12-15 July) at the San Diego Convention Center. On Friday, 13 July, the production team behind the comic appeared at a panel to discuss the series. The Coldplay.com shop sold a limited number of exclusive editions of Issue One.


Coldplay nominated for 2 VMAs


The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards nominated Coldplay for Best Rock Video (Paradise), Best Cinematography (Princess of China) and Best Direction (Princess Of China). If you can’t wait for the September review to find out how Coldplay fared, click on the spoiler:


Paradise won for Best Rock Video.


Coldplay was nominated in the “Greats of Great Britain” category in the Great Exhibition 2012, finishing in 14th place with 1308 votes.


Roadie 42 Blogs

With so much going on while the band was touring, Roadie 42 was especially chatty. Links to the individual blogs are included below.


In Blog #174 he revealed that at the Tampa show the band had experimented with a guitar camera mounted on Chris’s guitar. Unfortunately when Chris tossed his guitar during GPASUYF, the camera flew off and bounced into the crowd. However, good Coldplay karma came into play (along with good Coldplay fans!) and the camera was returned to Roadie 42, enabling us to see this jewel of a video:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHcJZ_8F6Cc&feature=player_embedded]#42cam - YouTube[/ame]


Blog #175 told the harrowing story of how the band almost missed the July 8 performance in Washington, DC, as weather grounded their flight out of New York City. Again good Coldplay karma came into play allowing the weather to clear and the band to arrive at the venue in the nick of time during opening act Wolf Gang’s performance. (I’m glad Roadie 42 didn’t tweet this news as it was happening – I was at the show and would have been a nervous wreck!)


In the same blog Roadie 42 revealed the resurrection of Oldplay, a band made up of various members of Coldplay’s crew (including Matt McGinn, author of Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay).




Audio of their soundcheck concert led many fans to clamor for them to open for the band. Alas, it was not to be.


In Blog #176 our intrepid Roadie described some sticky passport issues – and being mistaken for a female - that almost stopped him from flying from London to Toronto. This blog also treated us to an amazing story about the lengths the crew had to go to in order to ensure that Chris had a piano to play at previous gigs!


Coldplayers were excited by Blog #177 as Roadie 42 hinted that something new was brewing with the band. Here they are at an unusual sound check, talking over ideas:




And finally the much-discussed Coldplay film started to sprout wings as Blog #178 described the cameras set up to record the Montreal performances, and Roadie #42 treated us to some outstanding photos.


Coldplay Twitter

In addition to Roadie 42’s chattiness and Anchorman’s frequent communications (including some shout-outs in response to fan tweets), Coldplay kept a steady stream of updates coming through Twitter. Many were characteristically supportive of friends’ endeavors, and one offered caring support to the US in the wake of a national tragedy. Chris Martin also showed a new tendency to take photos from airplanes.


03-07-2012 The Tabernacle in Atlanta May 2001 was the first good show we did in America. Always nice to come back. WC 8:05 AM

04-07-2012 Follow updates from @SpikeIslandUK, brilliant new film set against backdrop of legendary stone roses gig. Coming soon to cinemas PH 4:40 PM

04-07-2012 Spike Island directed by our great friend Mat Whitecross, who brought you many Coldplay videos including Paradise and Every Teardrop PH 4:42 PM

07-07-2012 Good luck tomorrow @andy_murray. We'll all be cheering you on. C,G,W,J 7:28 PM

09-07-2012 Looking forward to tonight Great DC crowd last night ‪#coldplaywashington‬ PH 5:33 PM

09-07-2012 We are in Washington DC - just walked to the @WhiteHouse for a look. Last show of this run tonight, it's been absolutely brilliant... Guy 6:05 PM



10:49 PM




17-07-2012 Some new things I really like: Who Da Neighbors by Juicy J and Big Easy Express the Mumford and Sons and friends film. CM 11:49 AM


Set times for the two #mxtour Toronto shows: 7pm @EmeliSande, 7.45pm @MarinasDiamonds, 9pm Coldplay. A


2:02 PM - 23 Jul 12



Onstage. Toronto. W pic.twitter.com/4haLikld 7:22 AM - 24 Jul 12





25-07-2012 As a band we would like to send our love to anyone affected by the terrible events in Aurora. CM 1h ago

Coldplay ‏@coldplay

Here is an amateur picture of Niagara Falls Thank you to an amazing audience in Toronto. CM http://pic.twitter.com/6DErRBjD




26-07-2012 Wear something nice if you're coming to the Montreal shows #coldplayfilm PH


Coldplay ‏@coldplay

3 amazing things in 1 day. The Olympic opening ceremony. Our Montreal audience.The new trade towers in NYC at night. CM http://pic.twitter.com/qefixXk9






Coldplay.com shared some insights from those who supported the band on tour, including this interview with Robyn: http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=995&page= and this one with Wolf Gang: http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=998&page=

In addition, we got the inside scoop on the shooting of Princess of China’s video with this interview with co-directors Adria Petty and Alan Bibby: http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=996&page=


All in all, July was an amazing Coldplay month. I was able to see them 3 times and meet some fantastic Coldplayers. And August would turn out to be an equally wonderful month!

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