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Just thought I would to post to say Hi. :)


Found this site while I was just searching the internet trying to use up some "I'm bored" time after Christmas. There are only so many times you can watch eastenders being repeated (although must admit to loving the Chrimbo day episodes), and if I see another sprout I might not be responsible for my actions.


I love music of all kinds, but one of my favorites is Coldplay. I'm also a fan of R.E.M., The Beatles, Damien Rice, David Gray, The Frames, Norah Jones, and loads more. Looking forward to meeting other Colplay fans. There are not many of us about in my little part of the world.


Favourite Coldplay songs are Green Eyes, Sparks, & Yellow.


Please feel free to say hello and intro yourselves, so I don't feel I'm talking to myself. ;)


Happy New Year to you all.



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Hey Charlie. Hello again. :lol:


Thanks for posting here. Definitely looking forward to meeting other music fans. Very few friends have the same taste in music as I do so it's nice to meet people with similar tastes. Yes I love Mr.'s Rice & Gray, although have yet to see Damo live. *note to self - New Year Resolution Number 404 - See Mr Rice live* ;)

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