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So it's October...(2013 so far)


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Yep, it's October. Soon it'll be December.


So how has 2013 been so far? What do you hope to achieve in the remaining months of the year? :)




This year has been a good one for me. Learnt a lot of stuff...

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I've learnt:


-- More about programming

-- People aren't always what they seem

-- Who my real friends are

-- That it's always nice to reach out to others

-- To be calmer when it comes to answering some people who can be really annoying

-- To prepare for an exam as early as possible :P

-- That you never really know what the other person was thinking of when they did something. That helped me see things in a different light.


I guess I've learnt more, but this is what i can think of so far.



As for the year flying by so quickly, yeah it sure did.

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1. There are so many amazing actors I have crush on this year! (which also means that I want to watch all their works: movies, tv series, audiobooks, etc)

Mads Mikkelsen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, David Tennant, and John Simm.

Thank you for bringing me such good time. :dazzled:


2. Learn second and third foreign languages, German and French.

3. Muse is awesome.

4. Make myself know that things do not always go my way.

5. Love literature.

6. Skateboard

7. Know new people who have the same interests like me on Twitter

8. Write fanfics

9. Went to the gig for All Time Low

10. I'm no longer a freshman in college now *a sophomore*


I can give more examples. :lol:

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This year has been....challenging, I guess.

I got my diploma. My internship this Spring was challenging and a great experience. Most importantly the past 5 weeks have been incredible, as I've moved to a foreign country. I've met so many people, done and tried things I'd never tried before.

I've learnt a lot about myself this year and still am, obviously.

I went to Greece this summer for 3 weeks and it was awesome. Not only because going there was sort of a dream, but because it was the first time in a few years that my brother and sister were there for the whole trip. :wacky:

Somehow, it's a year of change, transition and new experiences for all of us in the family, in a way.


I have trouble believing that this year is ending in less than 3 months, because I still have a lot of things planned I guess :lol: (including 2 Kodaline concerts next month :dazzled: one of them involves a trip to London and meeting Ellen :dazzled: )

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I've learned planning things isn't always necessary, you just have to live day by day and make of it the best you can. Not only will it save you the disappointment of a possible failure, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by how well something went without your worrying too much about it. I learned or am rather in the process of becoming aware of the fact you can make difference in many things you think or are made to think must be the way they are and can't undergo change. It's in your head really. A propos October, I'm really fond of autumn and everything that comes with it, the weather for example inspired me to read some poems regarding autumn which again enabled me to perceive some things previously being inconspicuous to my eye and I grew to love poetry in general so that for the first time ever I'll spend some money on a different kind of book. I don't want to hold out hope for the rest of the year to keep up in the same way, I just want to enjoy the moment I live in, this moment now. Thank you for drawing all this out of me, truly.

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I have challenged myself which was really rewarding.


I have met amazing people whereas I didn't think there were (a) any nice people (b) I'd never talk to them.


I have learned about electronic music. I listened to virtually nothing at the beginning of this year, and since then have gone on the most amazing journey through a virtual jungle, discovering lots of sounds I didn't know before and now are part of me.


I've come to be more real and my actual myself when with others. Really great.

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If I'd have told myself all the things I've done this year to my past self, I would have never believed it.

This year has been 100% better than the last, I've done so many things by myself and are now becoming a lot more independent.

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This year has gone by much to quickly and I always seem to be rushing around with too much to do. I've learned that you can't ever get the time back so you've got to focus on the important stuff.

For the rest of the year I'm intending to slow down and spend as much time as I can with the important people in my life :heart:

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This year has been amazing so far. And the remainder of the year also promises to be amazing :awesome:


Not sure I've really learned anything, but I feel like I've really grown as a person and met some awesome people too.

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It's been good, overall! Started off strong, dipped a little with a bunch of pre-moving stress, then came back up on top. I managed to save enough money to move across the country, on my own, and that was such a big leap for me. :awesome:


I also got accepted into this amazing university I have been dreaming of attending the past two years! This marks the end of two years in shitty community colleges, and omg that makes me happier than it should.


2013 >>> 2012

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I learned many things coming from ups and downs. I didn't really have a good start in January, everything went down the hill. I felt really sad by the fact that none of the people really attached with me, I mean I didn't have so many friends for getting along at that time due to that kind of style differences. They party a lot while I don't. Sometimes I feel having a party is not a bad thing either. It's just I feel I'm not into that world. I like staying at home and kinda enjoying myself to explore something different on the Internet. I also had an accident that I got my wrist fractured. That time was the weather was very cold and the streets were slippery, and I fell on it. None of my friends were helping me and I went alone to see the doctor and did an X-ray. The process has taken me a whole day and went back home crying out loud. I lived alone that time and nobody was in the house. So the moment was very frustrating. Anyway, the first month didn't welcome me as pretty, and my grades were getting so low because maybe I was lacking of focus, things were getting to piled up and I didn't know where I should start first. Then in two months, I began to meet new people, and got an internship that I have been wanted. That's one of my goals this year and I achieved that. Then I graduated bachelors degree two months later, which was actually becoming one of the highlights this year. Then I started to think if I should continue to study masters degree or go to work before I get into study of one-year masters. And I didn't really come across with a lot of thinking, my mind just clicked and said 'Okay, I'm going to study again but afterwards I should be getting a career'. I submitted an application 5 days before the due date, it was quite frustrating to work on those kind of things, you need to work thoroughly and make sure you would not have any mistakes on there. Then guess what, I got accepted! I am currently studying in the UK :) I have got what I want, and I'm very thankful of what I have learned this year so far. It's been a great journey. If I could turn back time or told my stories to my kids, I would be so proud of it.


Sorry it's quite long. I hope my story inspires you :)


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