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LP6 next color name song

The Philosopher

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Which color do you think they are gonna pick to name a song this time?


These are the colors they have chosen so far:


- Yellow

- Green Eyes

- White Shadows

- Violet Hill

- The Goldrush

- Charlie Brown


So there are still a few ones to pick. Here are my suggestions:


Black Sea/Black Hole, Orange County, Into the Blue/Out of the Blue, Red Sea/Red Riding Hood, Pink Panther/Jesse Pinkman or Silver Surfer (The last four names are taken from characters of cartoons, comics or series like Charlie Brown, so they could also be considerated as an option)


Oh, and another one: 50 Shades of Grey, Grey's Anatomy... (Just kidding with these ones, I don't find a good name with this color) Castle Grayskull? I finally found a good one with this color: Grey Matter

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Which color do you think they are gonna pick to name a song this time?


April 16, 2013 - submitted by Angela, United Kingdom


Q. Hi Oracle ! :)

I would like to know.. There's a colour song in each album:

- Yellow in Parachutes

- Green Eyes in AROBTTH

- White Shadows in X&Y

- Violet Hill in VLVODAAHF

- Charlie Brown in Mylo Xyloto

Did they do this on purpose or it's just a coincidence ?

Thanks !



The Oracle replies:


Total coincidence. Violet Hill is a place and Charlie Brown is a name so I don't associate either of those songs with their title's colour.

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^ Well, coincidence or not, I still think there will be a song with the name of a color in LP6 too. They have done it with their 5 albums, so if they don't do it this time, it will be the first time. It can happen too, but I don't think so... Anyways, we will see! Meanwhile, you can make your guesses here.

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This thread shows just how bored we are.



Blue is a cool color to put on a title


:lol: how true is that!


but Blue - there are loads of songs called Blue: Eiffel 65, Beyonce, Joni Mitchel, Fine Young Cannibals, Lightning Seeds, ... are only a few. So also REM :D Who knows, maybe you're right and it's time there will be a title Blue :) Would be great, sure. :awesome:


though I would like dark slate gray or teal :D

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