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Forum updates (May) : Youtube forum, Meet up and Multimedia update.


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There are few new forum updates to tell you about to start off the most anticipated month of this year, May!


New Youtube forum : I want to make the Youtube channel community based and give a chance for everyone to produce content for the channel, give ideas and make Coldplaying on Youtube a major part of the experience. You can't miss the forum, being one of the first sub forums to show up. Please read the stickies first before posting.

Meet up forum : Many of you may have noticed this new section already! This is under the Coldplay live forum before the 2014 sub forum. Be a part of something amazing every time Coldplay perform live and you can put a face behind a lot of the usernames. Again, please read the stickies before posting or meeting up with other Coldplayers. There is also a sticky thread for posting pictures of your experience!


Multimedia update :This old school forum for all your Coldplay media needs will be updated with a big thanks to timyyy who is a co-moderator on the brilliant coldplaybootlegs.com site and will be updating many links (now and over time) to keep this section up to date and reliable so be sure to keep a watch if your a new Coldplay media collector or add a rare gem you haven't spotted yet!



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