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Chris filmed a new music video?


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Does anyone know anything about this or what song it's for? Apparently Chris was filming a music video in LA yesterday, but the article only has 4 sentences about the video and then starts talking about random stuff like his separation and his visit to Australia.



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"Its being reported that Chris' estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow is now having second thoughts about getting a divorce"


...media :facepalm:

Errr that is not good.


Maybe another new hit single like AIMH?

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i dont understand ? whats slashed supose to be? the guy on the set said filming on the new coldplay video .. but now it says a movie lol Im very confused .. And as for gwyneth ive said it from the start and ill say it again lol they will be full on back together :)dosnt really seem like they were apart but like it or dont lol

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