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Black X&Y Cover Art?


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Hi everyone,


I just have a quick question, I recently bought an x&y album as it was the last album I needed to complete my CD collection. However what struck me odd about this particular copy of the album was that the actual color of the cover was black as opposed to the common dark blue that we are all used to seeing when we think of x&y. I wanted to know if this was a rarity, or if there are infact others out there who own a copy of the album with black instead of dark blue.




here is the link above^^


I bought the album at best buy about a month ago and I've been going crazy trying to find the album in black but to no avail. Not even any regional versions have it in black, which strikes me odd. Could have been a misprint in the color? I found it pretty cool though


Thanks a lot to anybody who responds!

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What does that even mean ^





Some other ways of putting it perhaps-


-Even the shittest days come to an end....

-The worst nightmares do eventually finish...

- After a thunderstorm comes a rainbow...

-Even a bushfire there is new growth...

- Always light at the end of the tunnel...

-through clouds there is always blue sky.


Yes, I could go on forever....


My personal thought is that no matter how bad it may seem, even if the dark seems like it will never go away. It will. You just need to trust in the natural course of things.


Heaven is just making sure everything is as perfect as it can be cause that's what you deserve.


Never, ever, ever give up.


Anything is possible :heart:

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