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Hi, new member here. Go easy on me :D


I've used a few other boards before - I was a member of The-Masterplan.com's Oasis forum until that disappeared. Now I visit the Radiohead forum on ateaseweb.com on occasion, and thought I might as well join a Coldplay forum too.


Music is my life - I'm a huge Radiohead fan, and also enjoy listening to Coldplay, Oasis and B.R.M.C. amongst many others.


Anyways - I'm looking forward to posting here. Seems like a great board.

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HEY i'm new here too! as of TODAY, MUH HA HA my bestest friend got my on here (chuckie) i figure she's more established then moi so i mentioned her. WOW, i belong to another forum called melodramatic.com, and i also belonged to i mother earths forum too :rolleyes: (i like that face) ANYWAYS you do have good music taste. Coldplay is about the softest band i listen to. i'm BIG into System of a down, Deftones, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, NIN, Prodigy... etc etc ;) BUT YAH WELCOME NEW ONES INCLUDING ME! hehe YAY



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