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[2014-12-13] NRJ Music Awards 2014

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I did some kind of translation, partly based on lip reading (at which I happen to be rather bad) because I wanted to try to write down what he actually said and not a literal translation of the French dubbing. Sorry if it doesn't make much sense :p


Our life is crazy, compared to when we were 19, but we're still the same people, we haven't changed. we still think, yeah, we're just regular.


[blablabla 6th album, Ghost Stories blabla]


I personally really needed that album, for myself. Everything that's happened to you in your life is a bit like your ghosts, and the idea is to turn those experiences into gold.


All that we're trying to do is being honest. With what we're going through in our lives and what we're excited about. Honestly it's hard to describe it more than that, it's just… it's always true

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