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What different names would you give Coldplay songs?


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Don't Panic --> A Beautiful World


Amsterdam --> No Cause For Concern




I agree. Don't Panic --> A Beautiful World


Shiver --> Your Direction

Sparks --> One We Know; Always For You

High Speed --> Inside A Bubble

We Never Change --> I Wanna Live Life; Wooden House

Everything's Not Lost --> Demons :devil:

Alternate name for Parachutes album --> OF SPIDER WEBS AND BUBBLES :lol:


GPASUYF --> As Good As Mine

Clocks --> Seas

Green Eyes --> Honey

Warning Sign --> Back Into Your Open Arms

A Whisper --> Clocks II :D

AROBTTH --> Where I Stand; OR Buy A Gun :o

Amsterdam --> On My Way; Fading Star


Brothers and Sisters --> Time Of Your Life

I Bloom Blaum --> Those Tired Eyes

See You Soon --> Lost Your Trust or Bulletproof Vest :P

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