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Live life if for living lyrics


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the only bit i can manage to make out is:

'cos in the end

there's only us


then he just starts to get incoherrent. i had hoped that they would have put them on the dvd in the lyrics section. of course, the limey bastards failed to do just that. no extra lyrics to be found.

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yeah i have the dvd and noticed different lyrics like "cause in the end, theres only us" or "cause in the end, theres only love." I've posted the same question and no one knows the answer. So I'd really like to find out those lyrics cause that part makes the song.

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Cause in the end, there's only us.

And, oh, my friend, there's only love.

(I can't understand the third line)

Cause in the end there's only us.


You can download this off iTunes now, if you'd care to. A little clearer than the DVD. It's a great version. I have absolutely no idea for the third line. My best guess is, "And then you came, spent time with us." That really doesn't make any sense, but I'm reasonably sure of the "and then you came," although it could be "and in the cave." I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, so any help is great.

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Missing Line Suggestion


I thought for a long time this was

"So come and spend your time with us",

though I knew it wasn't quite right....

Someone posted somewhere this suggestion:


"And in the cave they're timing us"


Kind of sounds like that now I listen to it. Strange.


Interestingly there is reference on the web to Platos' parabel of the Cave of Illusions, and nearby is mention about shadows on the wall in the cave... I wonder if this is where the inspiration for 'White Shadows' came from. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Still seems a bit bizarre to me; can someone decipher the metaphor? What really is the cave, and who is timing us?

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