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Coldplaying Interview with Filip


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In this Coldplaying Interview, we would like to introduce one of the Coldplayers who's been active in doing Coldplay collections. A 19 year old named Filip from Sweden is happy to share his background and the likes of Coldplay along with his expectations on the band's LP7.


Welcome to Coldplaying, Filip. We are very excited to hear your stories and experiences about Coldplay today.


Hi there! thank you so much for having me!


Would you like to introduce yourself before we start? :)


My name is Filip and I'm 19 years old. My birth date is on the 2 of March, 1996. I think you guys recognize that particular date..

I love football, and have played since I was about six years old in a local football club here in Landskrona. Other than Coldplay, football is my biggest passion. My favorite team is Real Madrid, and my favorite player is Xabi Alonso.

I graduated this year, so I've been working all summer.




Before we get down to Coldplay any further, how well you have known Coldplaying as the Coldplay fansite?


I've known Coldplaying since 2009. I was new to Twitter in 2009, but a huge Coldplay fan since years back. So what I did was I simply searched "Coldplay" on Twitter, and Coldplaying came up. I started following you guys on twitter and the rest is history. I've checked ths site almost every day ever since, but I first registered as a member in 2011, right before the release of Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.


What is your best experience with Coldplay?


I've (only) seen them live once, in Copenhagen 2012. And it was, hands down, the best night of my life. Just, perfect.

The MX tour, and era, was something else. The Xylobands, the visuals, everything. Just a perfect night. I was there with my best friend, who can't be bothered with them, really. But he really enjoyed it. And that made it so much better.


Who is your favorite member and why?


Chris Martin. I love everyone equally, obviously. But still, Chris is my favorite. Just everything about him, he's such an inspiration and a great role model. He's got a heart of gold and he's a comedy genius. Knowing that your favorite band is so down to earth, funny and just overall perfect makes it so much easier to love this band. Especially Chris, he's really one of a kind.


Do you have any comments about this video?




I love this video. He made Ellen straight for four minutes and six seconds. But can you blame her? Not really.

And Chris' voice in this video is flawless. He should be on his back more often!

I remember whene Ellen scared Chris as well, during another rehearsal. And they played a song that no one had ever heard before. I remember making a thread about it on the forum. It was very catchy.


Do you play any musical instruments? What Coldplay song do you play? Any videos you would like to share are very welcome!


I play a bit of guitar, and a bit of piano. But it's nothing special, really. I can play Yellow on guitar, and a few other Coldplay songs on the piano.




If going to their studio would be the first time for you, what would you say or bring to them during the meeting?


If I ever went to their studio, which I hope to do one day, I would obviously take a few photos with them. I would probably bring my A Rush Of Blood To The Head vinyl and ask them to sign that one as well. And one thing I've always wanted to ask them about, is about all the unreleased songs (Wedding Bells, Don Quixote). I would love them to just upload them to Youtube, without them being a single or something like that. It has to be possible, surely? Or I might be way off, haha. Other than that, I would just chat to them, about everthing really. We might never meet again (hehe), so I might as well soak it in a bit.


If you were invited to a Coldplay concert on the same day when you could not make it due to graduation ceremony for example, would you still go for watching the band and skipping the ceremony or give the ticket to someone else?


The concert. Without a doubt. Coldplay is the most important thing in my life, honestly. That's the sad truth, haha!

So I would obviously choose them before anything else, no matter what. I can't wait for the A Head Full of Dreams tour!


What is your favorite album so far? Name one favorite song from the album.


I honestly love every single album and song by Coldplay. From Ode to Deodorant to Moving To Mars, to Another's Arms. There isn't one single song I dislike. And that's another massive reason to love them.

But it depends on my mood and what kind of day it is. If it's a rainy day, Midnight and Rainy Day would probably be on repeat. Sunny day, Strawberry Swing and Every Teardrop is A Waterfall.

But right now, today, my favorite album is Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. And my favorite song is Strawberry Swing.


Coldplay have done a lot of donations to many charity organizations. Do you have any comments about this?


It's amazing, because they know they have the power to do some difference, and to influence people to do the same. They are the reason I donate to Oxfam every month. It's not that much, but it's something. So I'm all for that.


What makes you wanting to listen to Coldplay every day?


I don't really know to be honest, I just do. Just this morning I just felt like "I really need to listen to X&Y today", and so I did it. I don't know why, it just happens. Yesterday I felt a sudden urge to listen to Things I Don't Understand, just like that. I will never grow tired of them, there's always something to listen to. Something for every mood.


What are your hopes for the LP7?


I'm hoping for a bit more guitar and drum sounds. I loved Ghost Stories, I know a lot of people didn't, but I sure did! But, after this era I really need something heavier. But not long ago there was a rumor that the album would basically be a pop album. I don't mind that, but I just hope it's more uplifting than Ghost Stories. Chris said that it's "music to shuffle your feet to", so that's what I'm expecting.


Any Coldplay collections you’d like to share are very welcome as well :)


I've always had all the albums, both on CD, vinyl and digitally, but I've never really bothered with all the rare singles. But just recently I joined The Coldplay Collectors Club on Facebook, and I got very jealous. So I made an account on eBay, and basically started shopping. So what I'm doing right now is collecting everything, starting from the Parachutes era. So I'm working my way up to 2014!


















Thanks for having me!

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Superb choice of player. They don't come much better than Xabi Alonso. How I'd love to see him back in the red of Liverpool.

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