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Fix you is the 10th most timeless song of all time


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According to Spotify, Fix You has more plays than both Clocks and The Scientist, and almost double that of Clocks.


I didn't know Fix You was that popular among non-Coldplayers.....before I discovered Coldplay, the only songs I had heard were Clocks, VLV, and Paradise.

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One day recently, I heard Clock's Home, home, where I wanted to go... coming out of a shopping wall...and it's been quite a while or even years, and I didn't remember when to come across a co. song on the street last time...another day, hearing Hey Jude...seeing U2's 1980-1990 album cover and Co.'s Magic/O cover T-shirts several times within a couple of days...maybe those are the signs for sth.

Fix you really helped me a lot, and it will help a lot of me, and you for sure...may laight guide you home when this incarnation ends, or any "now" you need it, look inside, it is there and never leaves you~

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Yes, a top list without having to scroll through each slide!


'Scar Tissue' would be my choice for RHCP and although Oasis songs are classics, I don't think their music has aged well (if that's there definition of timeless)


I'd go for Clocks over Fix You, if I had to choose one Coldplay song.


Edit - Just noticed, the list is based on spotify plays :P

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It looks like Coldplay is also one of the few artists with more than 2 songs on the list (Fix You, Yellow, Clocks)


Number of songs of each artist (with more than 1 song) in the top 100 list:


Eminem - 6

Michael Jackson - 4

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4

Green Day - 4

Coldplay - 3

Guns N' Roses - 3

Queen - 3

Metallica - 3

Blink-182 - 3

OutKast - 2

The Killers - 2

Linkin Park - 2

Nirvana - 2

3 Doors Down - 2

The Rolling Stones - 2

Dr. Dre - 2

U2 - 2


The total playcount of artists with 3 or 4 songs on the list:


4 songs:

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 121,986,376

Michael Jackson - 111,932,657

Green Day - 96,176,209


3 songs:

Coldplay - 88,362,441

Metallica - 77,550,617

Queen - 75,796,033

Guns N' Roses - 71,163,582

Blink-182 - 70,352,556

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