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A Head Full Of Dreams - Images, Wallpapers, Etc.

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Hey guys!


Well with a new album comes new images and wallpapers, and all sorts of other visual goodness!


Here's an Imgur link to some resources and stuff that I've found/extracted from Coldplay's website:



Or, if you want original quality, non-Imgur-downscaled versions of all the images, here's a ZIP with all the resources/walls in it!:



Here's some samples of some wallpapers I quickly made, they're just very basic right now:



Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/ujXe7So.jpg



Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/vfwvVg6.jpg



Full sized: http://i.imgur.com/2MkgG7M.jpg


What have you guys come up with?!? I want some more wallpapers :D

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Made myself a phone wallpaper, thought I'd share if anyone else wants it ‒ http://i.imgur.com/MDdo4hj.jpg

Cleaned up the central area cuz I can't stand stuff behind my app icons, lol.


Anyone able to make something like this but make the height of the black area shorter to fit and iphone 4s?Also anyone have more wallpapers?Thanks!

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Or if anyone can help to compress this abit(?) so i can make it the wallpaper for my lock screen,I'd appreciate greatly.My lock screen looks like this currently



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