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Chrises sexxy bellybutton


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Ok...recently saw the lads play at the joint in Las Vegas and I must say... Chris came out with a white shirt that once in awhile showed a view of his bellybutton and I just have to say that I havent gotten it out of my mind since.... :shock: :shocked:

Has anyone else witnessed this Phenomina!!! :D

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But it's Chwissy Wissys belly button - awwwwwwwww' date=' bless his little cotton socks :roll: Sorry, I've gone mad tonight :silly: Better go to bed before I really make a fool of myself........................................... oops, too late :mrgreen:[/quote']


nevermind, you can't look any odder than I do. :lol:

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Well thanks for the warm welcome....its wonderful that I discovered this sacred little place.... :D Yeah I think Chris is my fave out of all four of them but I know it takes the four to make the magic of Coldplay and I enjoyed my first concert of theres and am looking for many more in the future.... :wink: :multi: :smileyround:


Hey I love these smilies...they are a blast!!!!!! :) 8)

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*waves back to lothuial* (or however it's spelt -sorry :oops: ) - hiya! as you can see, i haven't quite felt up to tackling the avatar situation - but maybe one day....good luck with yours :lol: oh, and for ultimate puntastically great comedy value, you should have put "don't panic" instead of "nobody panic" - i like jokes like that. god i'm so easily pleased, and very, very sad. :lol:

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sorry no i didnt put the pic of chris with the bandana the one i put up didnt come out i'll just go back and look through the site to find it again. when i get it i'll give u people the site so you can see another pic of chris showing off his belly botton


i have an avatar and i have to say its my favorite

also i agree that everyone needs an avatar because it gets to show your fav pic and it also makes the messages more colorfull plus it kind of helps me remember whos who without having to look at peoples names i'll just remember them by their avatar

like i already recognize science of things because of their blue pic avatar. and i already recognize nick 4 chris because of their pic of chris that just pops out at ya.

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