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how long and how often???


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no this is not what you think, i wanted to know 2 things


1. how long have you been listening to coldplay

2. at this point in time, how often to you listen to coldplay.


i have been listening for like 4 to 5 months and dont go a day without them.

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I started getting into coldplay in 2001..wow..it seems like only yesterday as well..

at this point in time I've been finding new bands but I still give coldplay a big listen to (just got their dvd so I've been watching that like mad) mostly I've been listening to most of their live stuff from the Toronto show last June cos I was there and it brings back great memories :D (Go team Coldplay!! wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!) :lol:

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Since 2000... but back then i almost only listened to oasis,.. so i really started to pay attention since August 2002 with the release of in my place--- and then they started to really grow in me till i couldn't go a day without listening to one of their songs..... Parachutes was in my family car stereo for about 2 months before someone took it out to listen to something else... and coldplay it's on my car always! :P

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Mwahaha, I thought this was about something else. ;p


1. Since September 2003.


2. At least one song a day... they're one of the bands whose CDs I wake up to.


@jocole37: love your signature


thanks :D its nice, wish i would have come up with it myself :/

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