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A book inspired by Viva La Vida!


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"I used to rule the world

Seas would rise when I gave the word

Now in the morning I sleep alone

Sweep the streets I used to own"


That sounds on the surface like it might be a metaphor for a breakup, but if it's taken literally it makes for an interesting story, doesn't it?


I thought so too! And that's where Sweeping Changes came from:




It's about magic, memory problems, and broom-fu. I had a great time writing it, and people are saying good things in the reviews, so apparently I did something right!


Would you like a free ebook copy?


Message me! I will email it in your choice of format, with no obligation to write a review unless you want to. Just tell your friends if you like it! (Consider it a free sample. I plan to write many more, and it doesn't cost me a thing to give out the first one for free, especially to fans of the source material!) :dance:


:book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :book2: :bliss:

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