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[2016-05-19] Coldplay live, presented by SAP Together with TCS


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Concert Night

Thursday, May 19

SAP, Together with TCS, Present


Don't miss this "Adventure Of A Lifetime". Experience one of the world's most popular music acts. The band have sold more than 80 million copies of their six Number One albums and won almost every major music award, including seven Grammy's and eight BRITs. See them perform live at the SAP Concert.



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There is this saying "never mix work with pleasure", but ...


I'm a technical SAP administrator, so I work with that stuff every day.

Sometimes I even attend conferences like these.

But, my company has a strict rule: stay within the European borders.

There goes my chance to mix work with pleasure. :(


On the other hand, I'm not so sure that I want my collegues to see me in action on a Coldplay concert. :D

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I've asked my direct boss if there would be a chance to go but those conferences are way too expensive.

And at the time Coldplay would be on the stage I will be upgrading our SAP system.


Too bad because my collegue knows I'm a Coldplay fan and he was still a candidate to join me. :D

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SAP is a software company.

The Coldplay concert is at a SAP conference and you can only attent if you go to that conference.

So, it is some kind of a private concert.

I find it a weird idea to have them perform there.


I'll try to find out if there is a possibility to see a webstream of it or if it is available afterwards. I have a customer account at their website.

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I will be in Orlando working the IBM booth for Sapphire Now. One of my co-workers usually has connections to get better seats for these shows, so I'll try my best to at least snap a few photos. Last year was J Lo, so talk about a step up!

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