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[2016-08-21] Rose Bowl, LOS ANGELES, CA


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Hey!! Been a while since I saw you around here! Welcome back! And good luck to you too on moving out :D


Hey there :) Thanks, Diego. Im afraid I may not be "back" per se. Im still busy :/ But Im checking the forums when I can :) Hope all is well with you and that you got to see the boys live! :D

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Guest diogo_sg
Hey there :) Thanks, Diego. Im afraid I may not be "back" per se. Im still busy :/ But Im checking the forums when I can :) Hope all is well with you and that you got to see the boys live! :D

Oh ok :/

I hope you find more time to join us around here soon ;D

Everything is great, thank you for asking. But no, sadly I didn't get to see the band...yet

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Oh ok :/

I hope you find more time to join us around here soon ;D

Everything is great, thank you for asking. But no, sadly I didn't get to see the band...yet


I hope so too! I´ve not seen them either. Here´s to hoping we´ll both see them again, perhaps in 2017? :)

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It's been an emotional week for me. We moved to Hawaii today, from California - we had lived in our house since 1997. I could not have begun to imagine a better send off than from the boys and the shows Saturday and Sunday. We were in the stands Saturday night, near the stage but 15 rows up. After all the shows I've seen from the front row, it was fun to get the full perspective and see it all. When you're so close, your focused on omg, they are right in front of me and miss the production side of it. Sunday night, we splurged and bought VIP tickets , 11th row (which were actually 8th row, due to the stage bump out), 8 seats from the ramp on Guy's side. My kids were farther back on the floor, but right by B stage, so during those songs, we went to stand by B stage with them. We knew when they would be going to C stage, so went over there before Viva. I got a high 5 from Chris walking to the C stage, and after he sang Nothng Compares 2 U, I got a handshake from James Corden :) Both shows were phenomenal, and as you can tell by my sig, I've seen them a few times. I got very emotional last night, the culmination of a stressful week of packing and moving, and seeing them again. No real words. I took a few pics and videos - I always have to record my all time favorite song Clocks at every show I go to (but my video was crap saturday so I deleted it), but I just enjoyed the show and all the spectacle that went with it. I also love being able to see my Coldplay friends, Erick, Heide, Tracey, Lynne, and also to introduce some good friends who went to their very first Coldplay show with us Saturday.


Next stop, Australia in December for 2 shows! Aloha!


Hey Dianne! It's Jessica Jauregui from fb :) Last weekend was truly unforgettable! It seems like their production just keeps getting better and better with each tour! Btw I think I remember seeing your daughter seated 2 rows in front of me as I was at the edge of the row directly next to the B stage. She's so tall! lol

Anyways, good luck with settling in and getting everything in order :)

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Hey Dianne! It's Jessica Jauregui from fb :) Last weekend was truly unforgettable! It seems like their production just keeps getting better and better with each tour! Btw I think I remember seeing your daughter seated 2 rows in front of me as I was at the edge of the row directly next to the B stage. She's so tall! lol

Anyways, good luck with settling in and getting everything in order :)


Haha. That was probably her, with my son who is 6'5". They were in G, Row 21, Seats 3-6. Their shows just keep getting better. For 2 groups of our friends, it was their first show last weekend, and *now* they get my obsession :)

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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share my review that I posted in the contest thread:



This is a review of my concert 2 weeks ago at Night 2 of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on August 21. I’ve been completely busy since school resumed the day after my concert, and even though I have tons of assignments right now, I’m procrastinating by writing this review (while listening to Coldplay ofc).


Ok, brace yourselves people.


The time was finally here. After 7 months of waiting the time had come. Well, almost. It was one day away. For these past 7 months, it felt like the day would NEVER come. But on this day, the day before the big day, it finally hit me that in just a matter of hours I was once again going to see the four beautiful people who have carried my world since 2006. It came so slow yet so fast.


Since I went to both nights, I will review the second night since that was the most exciting night for me as I had floor seats and it was also the night I happened to film some songs (which I will embed throughout this review). So I had floor seats for this night and I was surprised to discover that THEY. WERE. DIRECTLY. NEXT. TO. THE. B. STAGE WHAAAAAAAAT?!! When I bought the tickets I had no idea whereabouts on the floor I was going to be, so when I found out when I arrived to the venue, I nearly had a heart attack lol. Keep in mind that although this was my second night (and 10th time overall) I was still so fricking excited as though I was seeing my favorite band for the very first time, a feeling which I’m sure many of you are all familiar with. It was not until O Mio Babbino Caro started playing that I REALLY I MEAN REALLY started freaking out (there may have been some tears too not gonna lie). In the moments right before they appear onstage, I immediately feel my heart racing as though it is going to burst through my chest, and butterflies start making their home in my stomach . It happens before every Coldplay concert without fail. That night was no exception. As soon as Charlie Chaplin came on, I lost it. That speech is really such a perfect start to the show as it still very relevant today, and I feel like we need to hear it today more than ever. Throughout most of AHFOD I was crying because I just could not believe my eyes and could not believe I had the privilege of being in the presence of the best band in the world yet again :bigcry:(and yes, that is me screaming at the beginning of the video…and at the end lol). Boy, I was in for quite a show! By the time Chris ran down the catwalk as the colorful confetti burst from the cannons (at 2:31) and the fireworks lit up the night sky, I was shaking (as you can probably tell from my filming).




One memorable moment for me was during ETIAW when Chris took out our American flag as he sang “but still I’ll raise the flag.” From that moment on he kept it tucked in his pocket as has been customary at every concert thus far. The 5th song, Birds, was a very special song for me to witness played live as it is one of my favorites off AHFOD, and this was my first time experiencing it (besides Night 1) (I didn’t record it because I honestly couldn’t be bothered I was so enthralled by seeing it live for the first time!). Every song up until Birds the audience was singing along so loudly that it was hard to hear myself singing along. As soon I burst my lungs out during Birds as I had done for every other song prior, I could feel the people around me staring at me, perhaps surprised that I knew the words to this song (it is quite a rapid tempo song) but most likely embarrassed by my horrid singing lol. It was such a treat to see Tiesto’s remix of Paradise :elephant: :flutterby: live (pictured) and Chris and Jonny rocking out to it on their electric guitars :guitarist:, though I could tell from many confused faces around me that no one had expected that from Coldplay (that’s one of the MANY things I love/admire about them, how unpredictable they can be!).




So remember that heart attack that I nearly had at the start or the show? Well, when the boys came to the B-stage WHERE I WAS GOOD LORD I think I actually had that heart attack :dead::laugh4: Even though it was my 5th or 6th time seeing them so up close I still lost it. I was in shock, I could barely function, breathe, speak, etc. It happens every time as if I’ve never seen them so up close before. Right as the first notes of Always in My Head began playing, Chris requested the phone of the fan standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! He filmed Will, then Jonny, then Guy, then himself <3 (as seen in the video).



After AIMH was Magic and that’s exactly what it was… pure magic wow. I had seen this one live before when I saw them at Sony Studios for the GS NBC taping, and this time was just as if not more beautiful! My favorite part of the song was toward the end when on the jumbo screen you could see a pair of transparent Ghost Stories wings gradually appear behind Chris seemingly attaching to his back :angel: as he sang the final lines.


The last song they played on the B-stage was Everglow. But before it started, Chris, as always, thanked the audience for taking time out of their busy day to endure the L.A. traffic to come and see them. He is so sweet. As soon as Chris started playing the first notes some guy screamed “Have my babies, I want you to have my babies!” my gosh it was so hilarious :laugh4: (lol I don’t blame him but this is Everglow so shush please). Up until now, Everglow was not one of my favorites off AHFOD. It never really elicited much of an emotional response from me whenever I would listen to it. However, when I saw and heard Chris play it live on his little piano, I was completely in awe of his tremendous outpour of passion and emotion into the song. In those few minutes I felt as though I completely understood exactly what Chris was feeling when he composed the song so much so that for the first time ever I found myself crying to Everglow. Now I don’t know about you guys but when an artist is able to accomplish that, that is for me so indicative of the tremendous talent and pure genius of that artist (as if we had any doubts of Coldplay’s talent and needed me to prove it to you, right?). Although of course no one except Chris himself really truly knows what Chris was going through during those difficult years, having some background knowledge of his heartbreak and healing allowed me to feel connected to him if only for those few minutes, especially since it also suddenly brought to mind instances in my life when good things have ended and left a previously indescribable, inexplicable feeling (the sweet part in bittersweet) that I now know is called everglow. Furthermore, in all the 8 shows I had hitherto attended I don’t think I had ever heard such beautiful, spot-on vocals from him. So now, because of this experience, Everglow is one of my top 3 favorite Coldplay songs. It was definitely the most special and defining moment of the night for me.



Clocks is always a highlight for me at every show I go to. Maybe it’s because I can’t help but air drum along with Will every time :drummer:…I just kind of have to. Plus, all those awesome lasers, I mean c’mon. Charlie Brown :charlie2: always gives me a feeling of togetherness whenever I see it played live, especially when accompanied by the thousands of synchronized twinkling xylobands and Chris’ energetic pleas to put our hands up in the air and jump, jump, jump, jump!! Of course, as dedicated fans, caught up in the excitement of it all, we all obey. :loveshower: What a sight! It’s one of those that you honestly have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate how beautiful it is.


As soon as we heard Bey’s harmonies at the beginning of HFTW we all grew even more excited. That song was liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Literally. I mean those fire torches, woah Coldplay.




Another highlight of the night came with Fix You. While lying down on the catwalk Chris began to sing the first lines and we all sang along with him in complete awe. As we all sang with as much passion and emotion as Chris poured into the song, you could tell that in those few minutes we were all seemingly united by our shared experience of loss at some point in our lives. And after that second chorus, shit got real, and we all belted out “Tears stream down your face…” as loud and as hard as our lungs permitted as tears indeed streamed down many of our faces :bigcry:.



Next came a very special moment of the night when they payed tribute to the late legend, Bowie, by covering Heroes. It was truly exceptional and unforgettable to witness it live. Then came my favorite anthem song of ever, Viva La Frickin Vida!:crown: Will’s drumming and bell ringing are always a treat to witness. And the “ohohohohohs” are truly something special, especially at the end of the song when the 39-year-old manchild wobbles around the C-stage as if in a drunken state and finally collapses and does some crazy body contortion (which I at the young age of 20 probably can’t even do) that us fangirls all freak out over. As Chris untwisted himself from his crazy contortion AOAL began playing and the party just got better! :dance: Those huge balloons are such a brilliant addition to the show! I feel like they brought everyone closer together (as if we weren’t already united enough) since we kind of helped each other out by tossing them to some people who hadn’t gotten a chance to touch them yet (the first night they made it all the way to the very back of the venue, talk about teamwork!) Also, Chris does one of his infamous “Belles” shout outs after everyone gets down low (you can listen in the video if you really pay attention) it’s really so cute. They’re just so cute together it’s too much! :bliss:



The boys then made their way to the C-stage where they played an acoustic In My Place, which I saw live the very first time I saw them in 2009 for the Viva tour and all throughout the MX tour (hands up if y’all remember it being the confetti song and the one Chris would now and then let Jonny sing the last note of), but never the acoustic version. Next came perhaps the most hilarious/special moment of the night…the band introductions. I always wonder, what stories is that comical frontman gonna concoct next? And let’s see how he’ll manage to embarrass the members this time. It’s honestly such a treat to hear Chris do some stand up (AKA normal talk for him bc he’s just naturally a comedian without even trying lol) mid show, like I would pay a ticket just for that. Just witnessing him gushing over his bffs (especially Guy) as they smile in embarrassment is truly something special. Literally every time Chris talks I don’t realize I’m constantly smiling like a dork until my cheeks start hurting from smiling so much :dazzled: haha. Aaaaanyways, after introducing James Corden they payed another tribute to yet another late legend, Prince, by covering Nothing Compares 2 U. I was just completely freaking out at this point because that is literally my ultimate faaaaaavorite Prince song! Although I wish I could have seen him play it himself, I’m so grateful and glad I got to hear it played live by four of the thousands of artists he has inspired. It was such a touching moment. And it was not much of a surprise to see that James can sing as he is the king of carpool karaoke after all. This was actually my second time seeing Coldplay and James together, the first being when I attended a taping of his show when Coldplay were the musical guests!



Then came perhaps the cutest moment of the night when the boys sang Happy Birthday to James and brought out a cake with candles! They’re honestly the sweetest guys ever! Although I had my eyes and ears set for a different song request, I must say that seeing Til Kingdom Come (again? Yes I know, I know they’ve played this request before but let’s face it they’re probably never gonna pick I Ran Away [which would have been my request] I hate to say it :disappointed::cry:) live was unforgettable as I had never seen it live before, and it’s also one of my favorites off X&Y along with A Message.




I managed to get footage of Chris making his way back to B-stage to meet Jonny Boy for the start of Amazing Day! It’s so cute how they interact with each other especially during this song and then Chris locks arms with him so adorable :heart: The way the song transitions into ASFOS is one of the most beautiful things on earth! I was in awe as I saw the beautiful, colorful artwork fading into a backdrop of a literal sky full of stars right behind Chris who was at this point at the back of the A-stage. My eyes were completely transfixed! :o






After ASFOS came the bittersweet ending of the night, the final song, Up & Up. I was completely absorbed in the song, singing it with my eyes closed most of time, just trying to take in and cherish the last few moments I was going to spend with Coldplay until probably (hopefully?) months from now. I only filmed the very ending of this song with the fireworks and those last 3 small but powerful words at the very end of the song…Believe in Love. So simple, yet so meaningful. And it’s a message we need to hear today more than ever before, and there’s truly no one better to convey it than the epitome of kindness, selflessness, and love itself, the best band in existence…Coldplay. :heart:


Thank you for an Adventure of a Lifetime, Coldplay :clap:






The final bows





When he kisses the stage :heart:



My treasures



To those readers who stuck it out to the very end: thank you for reading : )

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