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I can't really give an concrete example, but Chris mentioned refugees and generally bad things going on in the world quite a few times actually. And aren't they also part of this campaign where they're selling some of their stuff to raise money for refugees?


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Of course, but it's quite rare for them to talk about these things. Anyway, this era it's getting more interesting.

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This was my favorite song of the album and like Everglow and Fun, love so much this song. So much a positive ballad and all the members of family and friends of all four members of the groups formed a choir, becoming this song has a gospel song. This gospel ballad have a positive message and all was reunited for a incredible ballad. It's wasn't expected at all for a rock group to adventured in the gospel. For me, this song was thier first incursion has a gospel style before Everyday Life depist Lost have few gospel influences.

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