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Up&Up To Become The Next Single From A Head Full of Dreams


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The eleventh and final track from Coldplay’s new album A Head Full of Dreams is set to be released as the next single from the album.


Popular radio station, KROQ has announced the news via an article on their website. “Last year they released A Head Full of Dreams, their seventh studio album. “Up&UP” is the latest single from the album.”


This era has been slightly confusing when it comes to singles. When visiting Coldplay’s discography on Spotify, only Adventure of a Lifetime and Everglow are listed as singles. However Hymn for the Weekend accompanies this list and has also been released as a promo CD.Up-and-Up-lyrics.jpg

Whether Up&Up appears as a single on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify or if it remains as a radio single, we will have the latest updates on our forums and social media!


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Up & Up is too long and not really a radio single - it's a great album track and closer to the theme of the album. Fun would have been the next best single if they are already giving up on Hymn for the Weekend which I don't understand - they need to do another promo with Beyonce there - unless they don't like the negative publicity Beyonce has been getting for her anti-police song. Fun or Army of One are the two tracks that have some sort of radio potential with Fun being the most - I would have thought Everglow would be another one even though they did it as a promo single.

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Up & Up is too long and not really a radio single - it's a great album track and closer to the theme of the album.

well remember, one of the setlist we saw said "Up&Up (album version)" suggesting that there's more than one version. on the today show, they performed a shortened almost "radio edit" of up&up...sooooo the possibility of it being a single in the near future is highly likely

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For anyone curious, this is what the single edit will be like, indeed with a LOT missing unfortunately. The first guitar solo is about half as long, the second solo is missing, and there's an awkward transition after the first chorus, and the 2nd verse is halved. :(



Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEpMhKiYS50

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