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Golden Globes


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I have to say that I was rather impressed with the foreign press.


That's such a self-serving statement: I'm only saying that because they agree with my on a lot of their movie picks.


I agreed with them on movie, lead actor, supporting actor, and director ... not bad. I probably wouldn't have bet like that, though, so it really didn't do me much good.

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It's good to see Lost In Translation get some recognition. It seems like Coppola has the screenplay Oscar sewn up, though I think the voters should consider Denys Arcand's script for The Barbarian Invasions.


I'm happy to see Sean Penn get his recognition.

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The Golden Globes were GREAT!! :D :D

I watch iy every year, and this one was particulary awesome! :blush:

I bet on "The Lord of The Rings" for best drama, "Lost in Translation" for best Comedy/Musical and Sean Penn and Bill Murray, for actor (Drama and Comedy)

And I won!!! :D

:lol: :lol: I LOVE THIS....I can´t wait to the OSCARS!

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i saw the whole thing

from the red carpet, til when the after-party


i was surprised

i dunno

maybe because i havent gone to the movies in a long time, and because all the movies that won most of the awards are rated R(17 years old) i didnt see most of them, actually, i didnt see any of the movies, like mystic river, monster, the last samurai, and believe or not, i havent seen any of the LotR movies



for tv, i was suprised friends was only nominated once, and didnt win, i never in heard of "the office"! of that "angels in america" mini series

but I guess the hollywood foreign press couldnt be wrong, right? its gotta be good, heheh


too bad tom cruise didn win :/

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I haven't even heard of some of these movies they had on there. What the fuck is Lost In Translation?


Lost in Translation is written and directed by Sofia Coppola(Does this name reminds you something?....Her father!who directed a bunch of films like The God father)And it has Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson on the cast.



Ahh im really happy that Tim Robbison and Sean Peann won ! They were fab at Mystic River! I also love Jack Nicholson he is one of my fav actors! :D

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woah, havent been here in a while...



I'd just like to say that the Golden Globes were great this year. All of them deserved their awards. I've always enjoyed the Golden Globes more than the Oscars.


I'm really not looking forward to the Grammies though. My vote for Best Alternative Album lies with Sigur Ros, but I dont even care about the rest of the categories this year.

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