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[2016-08-07] Coldplay to perform a secret show for SiriusXM

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They sounded great. It was a shame that they did not seize the advantage of playing in such a small venue to play slower songs or at least acoustic version of some songs.


100% this. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just think, they could have played the kinds of things they do in soundcheck. What a treat that would have been.

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I used to go there when i was younger, it is TINY!! And sweating there is par for the course for anyone :laugh4:

So my friend goes to The Talkhouse every weekend, she waited outside for 4 hours to take pics, she could not get in either :( She said we could post them :)

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EAST HAMPTON, NY — Not only did artist Michael Paraskevas bring his 84-year-old mother-in-law, Priscilla Bruno, to Coldplay’s SiriusXM gig at Stephen Talkhouse last Sunday, he sketched a series of drawings to capture the intimate performance.


“Coldplay was amazing in such a small bar and my mother-in-law loved it,” said Paraskevas, who had met Coldplay’s Chris Martin a few years earlier at Author’s Night in East Hampton. “Chris was down to earth and chatted with me and my mother-in-law for a while,” he said.


Because he is always drawing wherever he goes, Paraskevas sketched favorite moments from the exclusive performance that he wants to share with anyone who missed the show. For more of Paraskevas' drawings of the event, click here.


He also hopes to show Martin the sketchbook one day.






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SiriusXM will be broadcasting The Stephen Talkhouse concert on NYE, here's the details also you can get a trial subscription to listen

Not sure what time this will start but will keep a look out


The Spectrum (Ch. 28)




Coldplay at The Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett, NY)




For a free 30-day trial, check out http://www.siriusxm.com/freetrial/blog.

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