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[2017-6-18] PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland


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Nah, she said that she loves bananas, Jonny is sexy, and UATW makes her so happy that she wanna kiss Jonny's face ;)))

I saw that video, that's why I asked what she had originally said :D

But to be honest I found it a little scary what Chris did there, embarassing the girl in front of 70.000 (or so) people....

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I saw that video, that's why I asked what she had originally said :D

But to be honest I found it a little scary what Chris did there, embarassing the girl in front of 70.000 (or so) people....

I don't think that he embarrassed her. It was so sweet and funny, I'm sure that she knew he was joking. Whole stadium had fun :)

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It was exactly one month ago so it's time for a recap :>


Approaching the stadium I felt this buzz combined with a tight grip inside of me. After a while I finally found my gate and then cheeetaz in the queue. The waiting itself was dull, but I stayed patient cause I knew it was absolutely worth it. It was b o i l i n g and there wasn't much shadow - still worth it tho.

Shortly before opening the gates, we were split into groups to avoid people trampling each other and I and Christian managed to squeeze into the first group. A relief :D

And then, eventually, we were let in. God, I was so panicked, excited and joyful at that moment. Right after I got my ticket and bag checked I broke into a run and followed the crowd. Guards told me to slow down. You wish, haha [emoji38]

I'd asked my friend with an EE ticket to help me get to the barrier and found him after a while. I was shaking and all smiles when I reached him and some people gave me weird looks [emoji38] I was right next to the A stage! I met a few nice people there and talked with them so the waiting seemed shorter.

The moment Coldplay's crew went on stage after Tove Lo's performance and I recognised some roadies I started stressing out a little.

And then, o mio babbino caro - exactly, o mio.. I poured out the whole Dictator's speech, thrilled to the music and let my body flow with it. I got the attention of the cameramen cause appeared on the screen about 3 times :D. And Jonny gave me the sweetest smile during The Scientist < 33

I mean it was amazing to finally actually experience the show after all these one-person parties I'd had in my room while listening to live streams :DDD

One of my favourite moments was when the guys went to the C stage and played In My Place. I spotted a guy on the opposite side of the runaway singing his heart out. Soon he spotted me as well and we sang to each other <3

It was one of these moments that made me feel the legendary connection between everyone on Coldplay's shows..

During ASFOS a cameraman came up to me and people nearby and filmed us dancing, singing and pointing to the camera for like 30 seconds [emoji23]

Eventually the gig came to an end and I started looking for roadies that I know. I recognised Hoppy, asked him for the setlist and he gave it to me :>>

My dad couldn't understand why I was so hyped up about a piece of paper [emoji23]


So it was just mesmerising.. I didn't cry at all, probably because I was so bewildered by everything hahah

I brought some souvenirs home: a sunburn and bruises on my hips and knees (I was jumping and dancing so hard that I was hitting the barrier [emoji23])

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