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[2017-6-21] Koning Boudewijnstadion, Brussels, Belgium


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I want to try to get tickets for this show. I'm Dutch and I'm sad they don't come to The Netherlands again, so I will try to go Brussels. However, when I look at the payment methods on the Belgian site of Ticketmaster, the options are Credit Card, Maestro/Bancontact and with bank transfer. I don't have a credit card and neither do I have Bancontact (It is Belgian, I can use iDEAL, which is the Dutch counterpart, does that work on the Belgian Ticketmaster? Bancontact works on the Dutch site). So the only option left is with bank transfer, but the site says it only is available on some events. Can somebody confirm whether bank transfer is available and will it work with a Dutch bank (I guess so, it all works with IBAN)?

Ticketmaster.be just tweeted this:



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tips by ticketmaster: http://www.ticketmaster.be/feature/coldplay/tips/?language=en-us


Are you planning to buy tickets for Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams Tour at King Baudouin Stadium of Brussels on the 21st of June 2017? Here are some tips to help you purchase your tickets! #tmCOLDPLAY


  • #tmCOLDPLAY1: Here you can find tickets for Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. If you click it, you will be transferred to the order page.
    The tickets sale starts on Friday the 7th of October - 10am. A maximum for 4 tickets per person can be ordered.
    Only Maestro debit cards, credit cards and iDEAL will be accepted as method of payment for this event.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY2: There is no use in logging in to our site hours before the on sale. As soon as it gets crowded, everyone will be placed in a virtual ‘Waiting Room’.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY3: The moment the on sale starts, all people in the waiting room will be moved to the queue. Every position in the queue is randomly chosen. We do this to insure everyone a fair chance to get tickets. All people arriving later off course arrive at the end of this queue.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY4: Keep calm & don't refresh! Refreshing will move you to the back of the queue.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY5: For your order process to run as smoothly as possible, it is important you remove your cookies beforehand!
  • #tmCOLDPLAY6: Try to connect to a qualitative and stable internet connection.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY7: It's better if you're already logged in on your Ticketmaster account when you start ordering your tickets, this can save time.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY8: If your bank has issued a bank card reader or other validation device, keep your bank card reader and bank card close at hand so that you can complete your order process without any disruption.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY9: Did you receive an error message AFTER paying your tickets? There is a chance your order has been completed. If you do not receive any confirmation after several hours, please contact us trough Twitter, Facebook or ourCustomer Service.
  • #tmCOLDPLAY10: Need more information about the ordering of tickets? Check our FAQ!

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So any differences in the standing areas (A and B) apart from standing right or left?

Not that I know of. I thought maybe the smaller side has places behind the c stage where you cant see much, but then i rememberd that this setup is much shorter so it might not be a problem

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I have my early access ticket! Wooohoooo.


No queue.


It is expensive but I didn't want to risk ending up without a ticket.

Especially in my own country.


Btw, I saw yesterday that there were 250 EE tickets available for Paris. So I guess that is the number available.

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