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G'Day from Australia! :D


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I'm Sam! or as my username says, Sam the Angel Fox! ^^


I somewhat always grew up with Coldplay but only their hits on the radio. In My Place and Speed of Sound were favouritres of mine in my childhood, it came to a point where I remembered the openning of Speed of Sound but forgot the name of the song! XD


A few years ago, a friend introduced me to A Rush of Blood to the Head, I listened to it on the night he did....boy did it change my life! I had a brand new respect for Coldplay I never had before. They instanly become one of my favourite bands after I was exposed to their albums in more greater detail, and I've been a BIG fan of them ever since!


I've only attended one concert so far, their December 13th 2016 Sydney concert and I'm hoping it won't be the last by them I go to. It was also my first concert that was held in a stadium (of a single band and not a music festival.)


I've also made many Coldplay based fan art on photoshop which I will happily share with everyone if they want to see them! This also includes some covers of their songs using the instrumentals as templates, with Speed of Sound and Fun in line for future covers!


I also run a website! SyncForYourself, a website dedicated to album and film synchronicities, and yes Coldplay is there! Found a sync for them hehe! XD


Got any questions for me or so just come and ask and I'll respond as soon as I can.


I can't wait to explore this site more! :D


- Sam the Angel Fox

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Welcome to Coldplaying !


EDIT: I just checked out your website as I was curious to find out what these syncs are. How can you watch the Zootopia/AHFOD sync ?


Well I made a file of the sync for me and my friends to see who also like to do syncs, I can send you a google drive link to it if you wanna watch it :)

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