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Jonny's guitar riffs and guitar solos appreciation and his great guitar performances


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This is the Jonny's guitar riffs and guitar solos appreciation thread with some of his great guitar performances. In this thread it’s not allowed to say a bad word about the guitar melodies of the mighty Jonathan Mark Buckland. His qualities for the guitar and his role and input to be the leadguitarist of Coldplay have never disappointed us during their whole career.

This is why.



“Jonny’s the most talented member”

“Jonny elevates our music” ~ Chris






These are some of my personal favourite guitar riffs by Jonathan


Everything is in HD/HQ

[spoiler=A Sky Full Of Stars ending riff]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=dR4-il3T74A;t=244




[spoiler=Adventure Of A Lifetime lead riff]




[spoiler=In My Place (Live In Tokyo 2009)]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=AjnQifFgeb8;t=95




[spoiler='Paradise solo (Taken from the Global Citizen Festival 2017']https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=7141dU-Ajxk;t=206




[spoiler='Strawberry Swing lead riff (Taken from the Roskilde Festival Denmark 2009)']









If you had another guitar solo or guitar riff in mind as well then feel free to share it with us ;D

Note: i) This thread will be updated often !

ii) If you had Charlie Brown in mind it's amazing but that melody came from Chris :D

iii) Thanks for checking this out! If you're reading this then you should visit this thread more often :https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-buckland-religion-official-thread.6531/page-1221

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I don’t think we can’t past Jonny’s epic riffs in Hurts Like Heaven - he slays it! In fact the whole MX album is tinged with Buckland’s mint dabbles and and distorts and is one of the reasons why this is probably one of my favourite Coldplay albums.

Thanks for sharing !!! ;D

Yes, indeed....

His was so overloaded with inspiration/creativity that he put so much effort to their songs in MX to make them sound even better. I can't imagine how their songs would have sounded like without J's additional tunes ?

HLH has probably one of his best guitar riffs ever. He always plays it on high volume + distortion but not too much and that makes it sound so powerful (especially this song)

He also has the ability to play the notes so quickly after each other. He makes it look like it's so easy but it definitely isn't! It's extraordinary! It's unbelievable how he could write these powerful riffs of which I think they couldn't have been any better!!!!!!

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I'm in love with Jonny's Clocks riff

It fits perfect in the ''Nothing else compares'' part :grinning::heart:





Also, in this performace at Sound Relief in Australia back in 2009, Jonny forgot to start his riff and you can see him smiling at Guy from 3:24 to 3:34 hahaha :joy:




it goes quite fast but if you listen well you'll hear he starts his riff at 3:18 but he should start at 3:16

Well done Jonny, you picked it up very nicely !! :cool:


By the way, I love the way Will sings the backing vocals so softly @Magic_2000 ;)

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When I think of Jonny's solos, my mind goes immediately to True Love. I so simple yet so effective and it really pays off to the build up of the song. Just phenomenal!


It's so funny that almost 5 years ago, I didn't like that solo at all but now I love it. It's phenomenal indeed. This solo is so different from every other solo/riff he has done so far, mainly because of the bow he makes when he hits the first 2 notes. So clever!


Life Is For Living is just GREAT..... What else can I say!?!

Three of my favourites! They are so many!!!

I know I got many more favourites as well but I had to pick a few. I'll be posting many more spectacular things this week!


That one guitar solo in Atlas is amazing, the way he goes on with that melody of Chris is BRILLIANT.

I love the way he works with the slide. It makes it sound complete. :innocent:

Yea. I think that the solo in Moving To Mars was a bit inspired by Chris. I think that Chris often has a melody and Jonny tries to play that melody in his own way. So he can add some riffs and make it his own thing. You can hear that Chris plays that Jonny bit also on the piano but he doesn't play it completely because he can't do all at once so he must make sure that he also plays the chords on piano.

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