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So Flags... The bonus track for Everyday Life...


I absolutely love this song. Creeping up to my top Coldplay songs. Just to clarify I am loving this new record. It's beautiful, heartbreaking, and full of life and love. On top of that they have something of Scott Hutchison on here which warms my heart.


But I wish Flags was officially on this album. They could have found a spot. The whole world deserves to have it and I hope the band release it at some point.


Meanwhile, Japan, please help the world out in the meantime.


Hope everyone is enjoying Everyday Life and if you have heard Flags leave a comment and say what you think. Or talk about EL in general.


Much love to all Coldplayers

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It’s a nice song, it’s got that happy unique Coldplay sound that I love. But you can see why it’s just a Japan bonus track, it’s not that good, I also don’t think it would fit in the album, Everyay Life works as it is. It would also make the album an odd number of songs. The song will be easily accessible soon enough for us to enjoy as a seperate thing.

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