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What a bitch!!


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My cousin Alan was supposed to be getting married today to this girl who he'd only been seeing a three months or so. My auntie and uncle (who are rather wealthy) had planned and paid for the lot.


About a week before the wedding she just stopped talking to him, no explanation, he couldn't contact her at all. He was devestated and left all the plans as they were in the vain hope she'd come round.


Anyway we just found out that they called up at the last minute to cancel the wedding because they realised it wasn't going ahead and they were told that she had turned up with ANOTHER MAN and she was going to marry him at the wedding my auntie and uncle had paid for :angry:


It's like something out of Eastenders :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky

well if it was me, I wouldn't let her use everything I paid for..not even the weding dress....I think you can sue her though....right?

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it sounds like a scam


and how could she marry another guy at the wedding your aunt and uncle paid for?


tell me how that works :huh:


I don't know. We only find out today, I've no idea how she managed it :huh:


What you mean a scam? A scam by me? :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky

well does anybody know if your aunt & uncle can actually sue her?! I demand to settle this in court! (I always want to settle things in court, best way, trust me ;) )

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