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anyone got a good idea for a short story?


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Guest LiquidSky

What about "Lost in a day...." and it can be about a kid who obviously gets lost one day and he lives some very good adventures....... that is always good, right? :lol: :lol: :D ;)

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I will write a short story for you about a man a woman, and a baby girl.


Its called he should have told her


He should have told her.



It was a winters day in the month of January, Bret had been in a cross roads of his life. He was just getting over that Tara, was not the one for him.

He was having some time of work to help with this, and was looking after his mums house.


A boyfrined of his Mums was staying at the house as well, a few days before Kenny his mum boyfriend asked him weather he could ones of his daughter friends to stay at the house. Thinking she was only a kid, he said no problem, I will be happy for the company.


Well the day arrived, they must have arrived over night as he head a little noise the night before, but was to tired to investigate the arrival of his new guest.

When he awoke in the morning he was greeted by a little girl who could have not been no older than two years old. He thought with puzzlement to himself "I wonder wither I would be baby sitting here " But when he went downstairs he me, what he thought was one of the most beautiful looking women he ever met. He was a shy carachactar, however he did chose to assitive him self, and atleast introduce him self, with his name and a handshake. This moment little did he know it changed his life forever.

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Guest LiquidSky
nananananananananananananananana batgirl! :P


so jo, want to expand on this idea of yours, or anyone else want to?



You liked my idea?? :D


n-ways, what story did you do then? :)

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