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I'll eat your kids for lunch


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Not really. I'm just bored... it's midnight, it's raining, i don't have a life, and I'm the only one online now. i wonder what you guys are up to.


Okay... now that we know that my threads suck... let's see if we can talk about something cool here. uhh...

Who likes... hmm... Lego? ha i remember i had a few nightmares about lego when I was 7 years old. stupid yellow arseholes.

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I used to make my lego peeps marry each other. :blush:

I remember I got a lego farm house thing for christmas...it had horses and a ranch and everything. It took me forever to make it...then one day i left it out and my dog was going skitzo and he ran over it and it feel into peices. I was so sad. :(








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