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Happy Birthday to Mr Martin


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But it's right! I know it's the wrong thread to write something like this, but I must say I'm soo glad that I've found this board cuz it's really great and the fans are, too!!! :)


...and of course, I want to congratulate Chris!!! 27 years...he is getting not older, but better!!! May all his wishes come true and he'll live happily with Gwyneth (or Jonny :) ) and many children till the end of his life! And may he & his boys make us happy with their music for the next 27 years and longer... :)

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and... :idea2: well... Cumpleeeeeaaaaaaaaaños Feeeeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!! cumpleaños feeeeliz, te deseo YO!!! hahahahaha cumpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaañooooss feeeeeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!!!!! :D :D :D :cool:


ask gwyneth to translate it, chris! :sneaky: :kiss:

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dood iv already made a thread :lol: :lol: :lol:


happy birthday anywayz Chris....your the best ever and i hope 2004 holds everything thats in your dreams


I know and I am sorry, but I thought this had to be one of the main threads of the day.



I am gonna listen to all of me coldplay stuff tonight.



Rush of Blood to the Head

Coldplay Live (from the 15th April 2003) from Earls Court.


And some of me B sides


Plus I will consume a few cans of Stella to have a proper party


But I will stop to watch Eastenders

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Not that he's ever gonna read this anyway' date=' but happy bday Chris. :P[/quote']


He might, I would if I was Chris cause I would get to know what THE REAL FANS ARE SAYING.....


and the fake fans............they're saying the same thing :P

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