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The Vines- Ride


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I am seeing the Vines live with Jet next Monday. Excitement all around. :cool:


I think I'm seeing Jet when they come back from America. They're playing in a few pubs, but I'm pretty sure they're playing some all ages ones. Luckily it isn't very exspensive.

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Ahhhhh.. your avatar......


Why don't we have a drooling icon?!


Anyway... he's biting his lip! Nick Valensi is biting his lip.

Is it just me or it's getting hot in here?


Don't you just love Mr. Valensi?? Yes, he's biting his lip. OOOOH BABY!! :lol:

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:lol: :lol: Okay Eric i'll rock with you. :wink3: :lol: :P

Wait! If you get a new avatar don't make it of some shitty band okay? I'd rather have something to look at. Heh, just kidding! :P

Umm..in my av Julians..how do I put it..pleasing Nick. :sneaky: :dozey:

And yup..'Julia, Julian'...you get that. :dozey:

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Hehe yeah :cool:

Julian's like "come on Nick, I want you to enjoy this..I'm trying as hard as I can!!

And Nick's like "I know, I know...you have great skills Jules but I just can't get into the mood. I can't stop thinking about Julia!"


Heh, yup. :dozey:

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Saw the Vines last night. It was pretty good, but they're set wasn't that great. Jet was better, i thought. "Ride" is fantastic live and they opened with Outtathaway and i went mad i tell ya! It was fun though!! Craig hit his head on the mic repeatedly and i laughed :lol:

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