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This is the only movie that I really like Jonny Depp in. The one he pissed me off the most in was the character he played in From Hell, he didn't even try to act in that movie, instead, he just acted like the character he played in Sleepy Hollow.


So yea, he did good in this movie as a gypsy.

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Guest LiquidSky

I thought u were talking about the candy, chocolate, and I thought mmmmmmmmmmm , chocolate........ I need to get me some chocolate now :D :D

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I watched this last week, on cbc i think..yea i only caught an hour and half of it..the last bit...it was cool. johnny depp was great in it.

I liked the Kangaroo..what was his name...pountoff, i cant remember, something like that..eh? well yea....he was cute! haha

And when they were in the boat. getting frisky eh? hahaha i was laughing so much, dunno why....and my dad walked down right when they went down and my dad was like..what are you watching????

heeeeeeeeeh ok

it was good. i need to watch the whole thing though.

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