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My Adventure of A Lifetime: Vote For Your Favourite Concert Review 🎸


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As we get ready for another massive, mind blowing, colourful, exhilarating, and potentially revolutionary tour of the best band in the world, we have got just what you need to keep you waiting.

What is your most memorable, crazy or wonderful Coldplay concert experience?

Share with us what you remember from your Coldplay concert from 1998 to 2021, what you felt, loved, hated, what made you cry, laugh or scream, any fun or special memory, and what that concert meant to you.

Too lazy to write? Wanna get excited for the tour while reminiscing about the good old days? Vote for your favourite reviews!

The 3 most popular reviews will each get a special prize!


How do I participate?


  • Write about your concert experience in this thread - MOTS tour excluded (we'll have something special for you later this year!). To post on the forums, you simply have to join 🙂
  • Long-time member? You may submit your already existing review! You can either post a link to your original review or copy paste it on a new post here if you prefer. You can message any of the admins (such as  @stephen@Captain Crieff@Coeurli  @I ran away) and they will help you do it.
  • Please start your review with "[date of your concert] Coldplay @ venue (if you remember), city, country"
  • If you are writing a new review, please try to keep it all in one post, so that it's easier to count the votes!
  • If you were lucky enough to attend multiple concerts over the years, please choose wisely - only ONE review / member will count.


What's the prize?

  • Surprise goodies based on the era of your concert! For instance: MX related if your winning post is about an MX concert.
  • As they are era-specific, the prizes will be shipped within a few weeks after the 3 winners are announced.
  • We will reach out to you via DM on the forums so if you participate please stay in touch!


How do I vote?

  • To vote: like or react to your favourite fan concert experiences in this thread.
  • You may vote for as many posts as you like.
  • For already existing reviews, only the reactions in this thread will count for the contest.
  • Your comments will not count as votes, please only post if you would like to submit a review, keep the thread clean so every participant has a chance to be seen.


How much time do I have?

You have until April 6 to submit your review and cast your votes!


What should I write?

  • Did something stand out on the setlist? Did something special happen that day or during the event? Did you meet somebody there? Were you there with a loved one or on your own? Did you bring any merch or flag or sign with you? What made this particular concert more memorable to you personally?
  • Your review does not have to be very long to win over everyone's hearts! We fully agree with Coldplay's mantra, quality over quantity.
  • The community will not judge on writing skills or grammar and we will not tolerate any kind of judgement or comment in the Contest thread, so feel free to share your wonderful Coldplay feelings here.


Looking for inspiration?

Click below to visit each tour's dedicated forum:

OLDER TOURS : 2003 TO 2007

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  • stephen changed the title to My Adventure of A Lifetime: Vote For Your Favourite Concert Review 🎸
Guest TheKoldplayer

I’ve seen them 11 times but my most memorable time was the first time at the HFStival in 2001! Some of the crowd wasn’t into it and threw bottles but I instantly fell in love with them! My father passed away the next year and A Rush of Blood to the Head really helped me get through that. I was so glad I found Coldplay. 

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Guest Mikey C

I’ve seen Coldplay now 14 times and each and every show has a special and unique story to me. I purposely bought tickets by the C stage in Detroit in 2016 and was able to thank each member for changing and saving my life with their music as they walked by That is something I’ll never forget. I skipped my college graduation( parents still aren’t thrilled I did this) to see them front row at Lollapalooza in 2011 and there is nothing like seeing them that close. My favorite memory though isn’t exactly a concert but getting to talk to Chris on the phone during the Sirius chat in 2020. I told him he was my ultimate hero and He told me about his working on a dream tattoo ( my family loves Springsteen) and that will forever be my favorite Coldplay memory. I can’t wait for the memories this tour! I’ll be seeing them in Philly and Chicago and who else knows where else! 

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Since I'm a mod I'm obviously not participating in the contest but I'll just share one of mine again as an example - and because it's always fun to read these :wacky:

This is an edited version of my review/diary entry/ramblings/whatever you want to call it of Coldplay at the Royal Albert Hall on 2 July 2014 (edited because I really left too much irrelevant stuff in back then ohgod + some language mistakes RIP my English). My first Coldplay concert and also my first solo trip abroad (wasn't solo anymore as soon as I arrived in London as I was meeting up with lots of people from this forum, the Coldplayers forum and Twitter.)



I took the train to London, had to take 2 trains actually and I was so excited that I even took a photo of an ordinary train. Idk why.

The hotel was SO TINY. It didn't have a bar or anything and the corridors and stairs were really narrow. The bathroom was more like a cupboard, you couldn't walk in it, just carefully turn around and that was it.. We dropped our stuff and went off to check out the RAH.

Then we got back to the park at the other side of the street and sat on the stairs in front of the memorial, facing the RAH. *sigh* what a view!

Later Priscilla and I went to the Bakery and The Beehive :dazzled:

Obviously there was no one there but it's so cool to see the places where all the magic happens! I should go back there someday though, forgot to check what Coldplay's wifi's called (just Bakery probably but I want a screenshot of it hehe). Then we wanted to check out the tunnels you can see in the Fix You video, which I had seen 3 years ago because my awesome teacher decided to randomly walk past it when we were on a school trip there - I couldn't believe my eyes it was so random. The thing is, I was really looking forward to that London trip because I knew it was Coldplay city so I knew I'd be really close to them (aw cute 14 year old fangirl) and because I knew about The Bakery and the Fix You video. So before we left I watched that video for the 5855th time like "oh ok Kingscross gotta remember that name. Ok there's a building with adverts on it there next to the river (girl like *all* the buildings in London light up at night it's crazy) Oooh and those tunnels! Imagine if I see those tunnels!" And uh well I did. Back to 2014: we found the tunnels, but we were on the other side of them so I didn't recognise the place and what was worse: they were working on them so we couldn't see a thing, dammit. (Editor's note from 2022: don't go looking for them anymore, they're part of a train station now. RIP)

By then it was like 8pm and we were starving so we walked to Tower Bridge to look for food but everything was either closed or too posh/expensive. Then Priscilla remembered a nice place where she had dinner the previous time she went to London. Thats place was so cosy! a small port with lovely plants and lights and stuff, right next to Tower Bridge! really the last thing you'd expect there. I tried to get the wifi working and thought I failed, but apparently I didn't because by then, the live stream had started and Anchorman himself spoiled a part of the setlist :angry:  AIMH and Paradise were no surprises but then he spoiled Don't Panic and Til Kingdom Come. I might forgive him someday. 


We planned to meet with the Coldplayers gang at like 11am at Leicester Square to have lunch/breakfast and it was so cool to meet everyone! Coldplay fans truly are the best people on earth! After lunch we took about ten group pictures, everyone needed to have one, right 😛

Then the group separated (after 3 groups of students doing a kind of challenge thing against each other had asked us to take a picture with them. Was funny because we had just taken 10 group pictures). Some went to the Bakery, some needed to leave London already. 

While getting sandwiches at the RAH we saw that the box office was open, so Prissie and I picked up the tickets and that was the moment I stopped being calm and actually started to believe this was happening. Then Ellen was suddenly standing next to me and I went "Hello!" "… HEY! Huh dude.. you here? What.." "Haha yeah I got tickets too remember!" "Woooow yeah for some reason I thought you went yesterday! Hi!"

Meanwhile Tash was talking about the 1st gig to the rest and asked if anyone listened to the stream. I said I didn't and then she started mentioning songtitles, like "it was awesome! first they played Til Kingdom Come, then Don't Panic, Everything's Not Lost!.." me: "OH MY GOD!!! *freaks out*" Tash: "omg I'm so sorry for spoiling I'm not thinking!" Me: "oh no it's alright, no problem :dead: " ((Everything's Not Lost is one of my favourite Coldplay songs and I didn't expect them to play it at all so I totally lost my shit in front of everyone haha!)) 

We first bought a shirt and then went to our places. MAN. what a view! for some reason I had expected us to be a lot higher, although it was still quite high. But yeah, first row so we could see everything.

I spotted Hoppy, Matt McGinn and Miller/Roadie 42. Then it was AlunaGeorge time.. not my thing to be honest, not that she was that bad, it's just… Why is she Coldplay's support act? It's a whole different genre and she really didn't get the crowd along, I saw one person dancing but that was pretty much it. Bit of a weird choice as a support act if you ask me but oh well.

TIME FOR THE REAL DEAL! the moment I had waited for for about 4 freaking years, a Coldplay concert. During AIMH I wasn't realising yet what was happening. I always have that during the first song at a concert, like 'is this freaking real wow man wow' and he song is so short it was over before I knew it, but it's so so beautiful. During Paradise I had the feeling that literally everyone was singing along, wonderful! Same for Magic. I recorded a part of that song and when I showed my dad he said "there's too many people singing along it's too much!" lol.

Okay, maybe everyone was singing along to Magic, but certainly not as loud as we could! I'm already running out of adjectives and we've only arrived at song 6, The Scientist. I mean WOW! Breathtaking! GPASUYF stays one of my favourite Coldplay songs and Til Kingdom Come… :dazzled: "For you I've waited all these years" yes Chris, indeed! The next highlight (lol well it was just one long highlight actually) was Don't Panic of course. Jonny singing :dead: Twice. :dead::dead: Chris said something like "It would be an achievement if we get him to sing it 3 times" and when the song just continued after the second time I thought: aw really guys??? come oooon! I should've known it wouldn't stop after the 2nd time but :dead::dead::dead: Jonny was really like 'argh guys stop doing this to meee' after Chris made him sing for the 3rd time but his voice is fantastic and everyone knows it :dazzled:

Right. Then. Everything's Not Lost. I think that if Tash wouldn't have spoiled that for me, there might have been a chance I would've fainted. (Seriously, thank you Tash, haha!) It has always been in my top 5 and there's no way I would've expected them to play it that night  :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled:my recording of Ink contains some really ugly singing/yelling by myself so I won't post it. Loved the projections on the ceiling during True Love (and also Magic!) and then Viva :awesome:  everyone singing their lungs out again, man what a great moment, I want to experience that again already! My recording of the first minute of ASFOS is also mainly me singing (can't even call it singing actually) so nope you're not getting any videos, and well Fix You is the perfect song to close with.

Since we were in the Circle, the confetti didn't reach us and I really wanted to get some so we got down to the Stalls to grab some off the floor. I filled my bag (got a bag full of stars now!) Took some pictures of Jonny's guitars :wideeyed: and then we walked back to the door and.... there was Phil Harvey, taking a picture with a fan! I couldn't believe my eyes haha! I wanted to give Priscilla my camera but it was somewhere in the bag full of stars and I couldn't find it, so I gave her my phone and said "Hi Phil!" He was surprised that so many people knew who he was and said that apparently there were some really big fans here. (I was thinking hey, you're a member of the band!!) He asked what my name was and said that the other girl he just met was also called Hannah :laugh3:


After the concert we went to the Stage doors. Who knows who might come out, right? I was pretty sure they were already gone or got out via the cellar or some secret door and after a while we left. As we were leaving we saw some people running to the cellar entrance so we turned around and stood there for some minutes but nothing happened.

I think I got about 4 hours of sleep, didn't help that I was woken up by a stupid car alarm that went on for more than 10 minutes, until it finally stopped, only to start again 5 minutes later. This repeated itself 3 times ::))) 7am,  for fucks sake!

To end this review, two pieces of advice:

1. Never have breakfast at McDonalds. It's disgusting.

2. Do have Oreo Fusion ice cream. Heaven in a little box.


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[4th of July, 2017] Coldplay @ AHFOD Tour, Milan, Italy

Actually It could be really difficult to explain the huge emotions we felt before, during and after our first Coldplay concert, especially in English, which is not my mother tongue. Even so, since I have been doing a course for six years, I’ll try to do that even because it’s a double goal for me. However, we have to start from the beginning, a day of october 2016…

Since then, It had been immediatly clear that finding tickets would have been really difficult, so when the selling had started we had run out of then in less than ten minutes. I spent the following months to think what to do because both my wife and my son Giacomo were really disappointed about what happened.
However, it seemed that miracles happen just when you don’t expect them at all; just during the days we were giving up looking for tickets, more or less two months before the gig, the online website which had sold tickets earlier started a new quick tickets issue! Having said that, the funniest thing was that I looked up on the website by chance, right in a while in which I was taking a 10 minutes break!
We go tour tickets for the pitch and since our son Giacomo was a 9-year old and obviously he was not tall enough, we rather had thought to stand near the C-stage, firstly to make sure he could see the band well once they would get the stage and secondly to be able to reach the pitch not too early but in a confortable way either…
So, the magic day came. Just before setting off, I encouraged Giacomo to prepare a sign, a sort of little billboard so to raise him on my shoulder and make him show it to the band once they would reach the C-Stage. Giacomo agreed and whe wrote a short message on a yellow paper: “I’m Giacomo, 9 years old, I love you”. I told him that it might happen that the band wouldn’t see the message.
We arrived in Milan in the middle afternoon, went to the stadium and quickly we reached our place next to the C stage. After having waited for a few hours, the concert started and the magic became real; a lovely ambience, thousands of people who were singing their pure joy and… after one hour and half something of important was on the verge of happening.
The band came to the C stage and it was such an incredible feeling to see to them so close; I had already raised Giacomo on my shoulder and he was transfixed!
Just after their first song “Trouble”, our evening turned into a true dream. While speaking to the crowd, Chris Martin saw Giacomo’s sign and invited him to join the band on the stage!
Both my wife and I started crying for joy and Giacomo was picked up by a really polite man of the crew, who took him to the stage. The whole stadium start clapping their hands and calling his name… “Gia-co-mo, Gia-co-mo” and so did Chris! (What a leader he is!)

Once Giacomo joined the band, they made him so quiet and confortable and Jonny gave him an harmonica and after that Chris gave Giacomo some pieces of advices about how to play it. Afterwards the band started playing “Don’t Panic”, just our favourite song. After the first part, Chris looked at Giacomo giving him a signal to start, and Giacomo was able to play on time! All of that got even more thrilling because the whole stadium started clapping to Giacomo from the beginning to the end of the performance.
And, most of all, what happened next was even more exciting. People around us started chatting with all of us to celebrate Giacomo, as if he was the hero of that evening. A sort of new true friendship between us seemed was born right there, at the bottom of the C-stage, and I think this is the most remarkable happening of that evening. Lots of kind and polite people around my family, to chat, to sing, to spend time together, to give an hug to Giacomo, who remained incredibly calm and relaxed util the end of the concert.

We came back to Bologna late in the night and the day after we started getting in touch with lots of nice people on the social media, who wrote us to send lots of video taken with their smartphones. We have started new friendships which are still living, this is amazing! It’s the kind a love which the band often talks about, isn’t it?

And nowadays… what’s happening? Giacomo is growing up quickly and he his a 14 year-old now. He’s going to high school with really good marks. He has been learning piano for three years and he often dreams to join the band again, in the future…
Unfortunately we won’t attend to any Coldplay concert this summer but we are looking forward to seeing the band again in Italy, maybe in 2023. And we are still thinking how to show a new sign to the band, possibly attending to a concert next to either the B or the C stage…
Are we asking too much? Sure, I think…
However dreaming doesn’t cost anything and it’s worth it to try…

I hope you liked our experience and, if you want to take a look, three years ago I edited a video and loaded it on my youtube channel which tells about these gorgeous memories (here is the direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK1ILttz6XU&t=535s
and, finally, I hope my english has been good enough to understand our deepest feelings…

Ciao and thank you for this opportunity,

Edited by Massimiliano
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