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What happened to Xylobands?


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Evening all,

I've looked for a definitive answer but can't find one.

Are Xylobands completely dead now? Did the technology get merged into the Pixmob bands?

I've just bought 50+ xylobands, and now I'm intrigued as I didn't really that the new bands weren't related until now.


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Not sure if anything has happened to Xylobands, it is a separate company, but I haven't really followed what are they involved in and how successful they are right now.

Although Xylobands as company probably was very much initiated by Coldplay at the start 10 years ago (they might still have a big hand in this company, but don't quote me on that - just a guess), there was also some competitive companies starting to develop similar wristbands. So, pretty bold guess, but I think Xylobands had just fallen behind in development compared to Pixmob.

So what happened is that probably Pixmob is a larger company with better options for Coldplay, so eventually they decided to choose them over Xylobands which couldn't provide what they wished for - sustainability and more complex light patterns.

I got to admit, compared to previous tour the wristbands light show is on insane level.

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