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Coldplay MOTS LIVE Broadcast from Buenos Aires [NO LINKS]

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1 hour ago, lau_bowery said:

i have it ^^ripped it myself along with the climate pledge performance and the AHFOD tour live from pasadena. i'll dm you as i don't know if we're allowed to share links here

Can you share pls!!!

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On 10/30/2022 at 4:55 PM, maits18 said:

DM you the link as I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share Sharemania post links here 

Dm to me too please... I was in the cinema and it was fantastic.. I'd love to watch it again.. 

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On 11/4/2022 at 12:47 AM, Ashirogi.42 said:

I Got the full show, it´s a MKV file video (Ripped, not recorded from Cinemas) of 2.57 GB in 1920x1080p with pretty good quality and a great audio too, so I would like to do a topic and share it full, but I'm new and I don't know much around here or if I could be even allowed to.

Can you dm me the link? Please 

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