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I'm on a mission to promote my favourite bands at the moment... so don't be scared if you see so many new threads by me right now :P


Now this is a thread is dedicated to... LONGVIEW.


Okay, at first I was put off by their praising to God, blah blah blah, but... I couldn't help it, I kept seeing this commercial for their album 'Mercury' on MTV2 and I was hooked just by hearing the samples!

I downloaded the album right away, top quality I tell ya. They're so indie and so... I don't know, vintage "feeling good" kind of music.



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yep yep.. been listening to longview from last month and they're absolutely talented. listen to the song called 'I Would'

thats my favorite..

oh well..just opinion :D


anyone know the link to download longview live ? that would be fantastic :P

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  • 4 months later...

I couldn't see any other threads for this band so i thought i'd start one myself. I just got their debut album Mercury a few weeks ago and i'm hooked already. It really is stunning, there's not weak track on it. Great lyrics, beautiful melodies and the lead singer has an amazing voice.


Are there any other fans out there and if you have the album, what do you think of it? Btw if anyone's interested, you hear clips of the album here: http://www.101cd.com/music/info.asp?id=6295326 and find out more about them on their website: http://www.longviewmusic.com/

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