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Bananaman Avatar Suggestions


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Here's the kitch, kids.


Just put forth an avatar (Please no Valensi's, he's very nice, but no thanks) and I will consider it for being voted on. YOU, the decider(s), will vote for whatever avatar you feel best suits me.


For this topic I will have a delicate screening process (Random bottle spinning) in selecting a chosen number of little avatar pictures.


So, throw forth those little pictures! (Avatars)




Now, I would like the avatar to best illustrate what kinda person I am, and I dont think Ian would like it if I posted a 12inch penis (If I was allowed to then this topic wouldnt be here). Thank you.

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You crazy people! I love you all in very different ways you sunsabitches.


Thanks, Im so far processing the shortlist for what will no doubt be THE GREATEST AVATAR OF ALLLL TIIIIIMMMEEEE



sunsabitches :lol:

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