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In the near future a new feature we're going to be adding is Coldplaying.Com Hosting.


This will be a range of affordable personal sites which will take the form of http://hosting.coldplaying.com where hosting is the user name.


It's in the planning stage at the moment and depends on available space/bandwidth.


And depends on the interest!



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Does that mean I can try and make a spin off site from here. ?

Greetings from Spain. If it was not for you Ian and this site. I would not be here. Thanks ! :)


you're in spain? :o


Yep and what a fine place it is pretty expensive. (So I have to take it well easy with me cash over the next few days.


I have been to see noni. She is a good person.


I have spent most of the day at Las Ramablas, wow what could I say.!!!

Loads of things to see. Hope fully I will get access to a scaner when I get back to Manchester I will be sure to post some pics.

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