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What is the worst thing you have ever done to some one!!


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Guest LiquidSky

bah! being ignored is not a problem w/me...I always been this way since I was little and I don't know why.....if I go through all my day and no one actually talks to me...that would be just fine for me...I guess it's because I don't like to be bothered...and when someone does, it annoys me and gets me very upset sometimes :angry: ...but in this life there is always someone that is always gonna talk to you... :rolleyes: :dozey: so I been learning to you know... not get mad and beat the hell out of them whenever someone talks to me... :rolleyes: :lol: :embarrased: I am still learning that though..... :smug:


The worst thing that someone has done to me..? umm :thinking: I have no idea...

I guess my cousin telling me that my grandpa died....even though she didn't lie...he did die...and I just still don't believe he is dead... is that weird?


well that's not a worst that some has done to me....let's see :thinking: I don't know.... :/ umm I guess.. no I don't know... well, I'm a good person...no one wants to mess w/me or do me any harm ;) :D

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I cheated on my girlfriend of 3 years, with her best friend, on New Years Eve, while she was at home sick, and she had said she'd be really happy if I just went out and had a good time without her.


(Somehow) we're still friends though, I'll never be proud of that but HEY I sure woke this thread up!


"People ignore me wah wah muuhh"


(I kid)

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oMg bAnAnAmAn u DiScUsT mE!!!

You did wake this thread up indeed.


Well right now I'm supposedly "doing stuff" with one of my best friend's boyfriends (well she wishes anyway). This is what I found out last night. I've also lied to her about everything, and she told me to shove my apologies up my arse. Ahhh the positives of being hated...

Nah but I lie all the time so it's nothing new to me.

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actually i cheated on a girlfriend once, too. ok, maybe a few times...


then i found out she'd been cheating on me too, and then i ended up dating the girl i cheated with for two years anyway... so everything turned out ok, i guess. :lol:


let's see... i also threw sand in a kid's eyes when i was in pre-school. *shrugs*

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