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Small rant


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Okay i just have to get this out of my system.

I've just been browsing dead journal, it's like live journal but basically for depressed people who moan about their lives all the time.

Anyway, I had a dead journal once but ended up not using it anymore because I found myself basically writing a load of crap that wasnt really true, plus i didnt feel i was depressed enough and kept writing happy stuff.


So there I am browsing other peoples journal...and along the way there were so many things that annoyed me.

Like the whole WrITiNg LYk DiS FiNG, I mean, whats with that? Can't people spell? Don't people know that you use capital letters at the start of a sentence...argh!

Take 'aShLeEz LiL bLaCk BoOk' for example...oh my god, this ashlee girl really cannot spell..

From 'ashleez black book'

uMmMmM 2day waz ok i guess...it waz definately better than yesterday...my mom called Mrs.Mac 2day n she still won't let me complete my test...ugh but i have 3 more testing opportunities 2 bring my grade up...w/e...SHEEN wazn't @ skoo 2day which made me sadd...he waz absent cuz he had a project due n 1 of his classes...he never comes 2 skoo when sumthing major is due...gawd i luv that kid...n it waz so funni cuz the day sean wazn't here liz scoots over n sits next 2 peter during chapel...that gurl omg...n she waz lyk staring @ him the whole tyme...i'm slowly starting 2 warm up 2 jason again...but things r still kinda weird...i'm SO happi he quit weed n w/e else he waz doin...according 2 chelsea i'm "the reason" he quit...hehe thatz a song...but ya i myte go 2 heather's lacrosse game later but i doubt it...hOlla



Okay i know im being mean, but argh her whole entry was....then....then.....then....What's with the fucking dots?


Okay I guess most of you have stopped reading by now, but I'll carry on because I'm still frustrated.


There are other's I've seen like 'Death's Funeral' ugh it's all very depressing.

I just wonder why people can't be happier. I know some people are depressed, infact I live with two depressives so I know what it's like, but the people that wrote on their are just putting on an act cos it's 'cool'. It's not cool to be depressed!


Okay I've lost my rant mood now, because I left this and came back to it.

I'm still angry at that 'ashlee' girl though. Argh it's all so pathetic.

I will probably get a load of horrible things said to me but oh well I had to say it.


Righto I'm done.

Tra la la.

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:lol: I know what you mean with the whole spelling crack lik al dis stuf...I mean lik who actallee spels lik dat u no? It rminds me of lil britain :lol: :dizzy2:


anyhow....*ahem* yeah ah that was funny... :lol: :rolleyes:

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I think half the reason livejournals exist is so that people who don't really have a problem with depression can pretend they do and that everything that happens in their life is a big deal. I know lots of people who have had lifelong struggles with depression (in fact I'm one of them), and most of them (including me) would never dream of putting their deepest thoughts online for anybody in the world to read.


So I'm inclined to agree with you that many of those people are just seeking attention or putting on an act.


It also seems that proper spelling and grammar are becoming something of a lost art. :P

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like today...like...you know...totally felt down, like you know....and like this girl you know wasn't, like, you know, interested in me, whatever....so like you know, I decided to get drunk, and like you know, kill myself...you know....but like, I could you know find any rope...you know?

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I know exactly what you mean, Sammie :rolleyes:


And I hate all these people who always complain, "Gosh my life is so shit", blah blah blah... yeah, I have to admit a lot of my entries on my blog are rather depressing or sad, but that's just because whenever I feel bad it really helps to write it all down. It's like telling someone about all the things that bother you, but not really "someone"... know what I mean?


At least I'm not talking LiKe DiS! :rolleyes: :P

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The verbal equivalent of this is found in no better example than Mr. David Beckham...listen to a 1 minute interview, and count how many times he says "you know?" anything less than 7 in minute is a miracle :)

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The people want to seem "street" by posting that bad grammar, but really it makes them look like idiots. IMO, the dots symbolize thinking/a pause. I use them sometimes, but that person uses them too much.


I've always disliked livejournals/deadjournals. I strongly hate the idea of writing something like Darkthrone, Coldplay, etc. as an interest and having it link to other people (at lot of who I'd rather not link to, nor have them link to me) I prefer my own private diary website. :p

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. is known as full stop...its also known as period...therefore a row of dots means a pause, a period...time when you would stop talking and move onto a new sentence...it's perfectly allowed, novelist do it.

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