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Julian Casablancas


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OMG :stunned:


STROKES singer JULIAN CASABLANCAS has secretly become engaged to JULIETTE LEWIS — no, not the Hollywood actress but his manager’s assistant.


He is set to tie the knot with the PA after falling for her just four weeks ago.


Julian and Juliette announced their engagement to friends and family last week but have kept it quiet from their wide circle of friends.


A pal told me: “Both Julian and Juliette are a bit crackers and very spontaneous. Julian said they’ve always had a soft spot for each other and working in such close proximity obviously set them off on the right track.


“Julian has had quite a a crazy life and he sees Juliette as a steadying influence.


“She looks after the band all the time and although she’s a beautiful girl, he sees her as a mother figure . . . but in a good sense.”

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I'm a little confused about the four weeks thing. She's been with them for way longer than four weeks so does that mean he just realised he loved her four weeks ago or whatever? :huh: Maybe it's just too early in the morning for me :lol:

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Yeah' date=' I heard about it too... but at least the Sun should've used a picture of [i']JULIAN[/i] and not someone else like they did :rolleyes:


Yeah...I saw that...I thought it might have been a really bad picture :lol:

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Those pictures are hilarious! I especially love the one of him in the pot :lol: That's the craziest thing ever. Who would put their baby in a pot for a picture? I can just imagine those people..."I have an idea, let's pretend we're cooking the baby!" ingenious

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