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Julian Casablancas


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Apparently it's true:


" 'Strokes Lead Singer A Bachelor No More; Found Girl Who Likes to Stroke It' Indie heartthrob and lead singer of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas, announced yesterday during a Central Park rock concert that he is to wed his assistant tour manager, Juliet Joslin. While young girls around the country mourned the loss of one of rock's most eligible bachelors, the bachelor himself gushed with excitement about the upcoming nuptials. "I am so stoked, man. Juliet is a fine woman and I think she's going to make a killer wife. She cooks really well too!" Julian, who spoke via telephone from his NYC apartment, also revealed the romantic details behind the unexpected engagement. "Juliet and I were eating Sausage and Egg McMuffins at McDonalds on tour trying to lessen one of many killer hangovers," Casablancas explained, "And I just thought, 'Shit, I love this chick.'” With that Casablancas took a symbolic straw and folded it around his sweetheart's ringer finger to ask for her hand in marriage. "She was, like, dude, no way! But then she said yes immediately." Casablancas said the couple would forgo tradition engagement and wedding bands in favor of intricate Native American love necklaces and matching belts. The groom also exclusively spoke of how the two plan to marry at an undisclosed Dude Ranch in South Dakota. "We both use the word 'dude' on a daily basis, so, like, we thought it was appropriate to get married on a dude ranch," giggled Casablancas. "No seriously, we love the outdoors. We love nature and we love ponies and stuff. I think Juliet is going to ride in on a pony. It's going to be so special. And, we're both wearing denim. It's our wedding, ya know?" Casablancas would not reveal the exact date of the wedding but did say “it will be after June and before October, so you work it out.”

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i think she looks pretty different from one pic to another :lol: and that article - it's simultaneously sweet and hilariously ridiculous. hahaha a dude ranch... good stuff. i'm happy for them if it's true. jules needs a woman to look after him :lol: i just can't help thinking that nikolai must be pretty sad.... :P

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