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Can you have another fav tune off all time


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I am in a bit of a dilemar that the moment. My fav tune of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody by queen, but what I want to know if i found another tune do u think I am are allowed to call that your best tune of all time.


I leave u guys to tell me ?

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of course. why should it be a problem?


changing your mind isn't such a big deal. my current favourite is Paranoid Android by Radiohead, and it has been for a good few years now. But that doesn't mean I should feel bad if I suddenly come across a song I like more. I'll just shrug and say "okay, so Paranoid Android is now my second favourite, and this one is now my favourite".

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Sure, then if somebody says "what about Bohemian Rhapsody" just say "I changed my mind."




I don't think it's really a life or death situation There's no rule that says you can't have 2 favorite songs.


honestly, i don't see why this is a big deal..i have 10 favourite songs.....whoa. :lol:

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Yeah, whoever says you can't is obviously one who loves to be politically correct all the time, I've encountered some of those type of people and it's not fun :dozey:


Especially if those 2 songs come from a different genre then you can get away with it even more, such as my fav. rock song of all time is...but my fav. electronica song of all time is... :D

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